A Literary Evaluation of the Old classic Autobiography down These Mean Roads by Piri Thomas

A Literary Examination of the Old classic Autobiography down These Mean Roads by Piri Thomas

This book “Down These Mean Roads” is a typical confessional autobiography. This book was initially

published in 1967. It was compiled by Piri Thomas, he was a guy of African descent living in Spanish

Harlem. It relates how he was dropped possibly within his own friends and family and his identity through drugs, street

fighting, and armed robbery, almost becoming just one more statistic by age twenty two.

In this book it tells about the individuals existence. It tells how he possesses suffered through his life,

and what he offers been through. He has experienced alot, he has truly gone from his hometown in Harlem to

Suburbia, Down South, Prison and the brand new York Town.

It all began being truly a child and he previously done a couple of things that made his dad hit him. He has

been saying that “Poppa wont strike me once again”. He resided in a village called Harlem. He was down by Park

Avenue and Harlem Park Avenue, it had been a scary place. Specifically the dirty stone trestle of the brand new

York Central that was right down the center of the avenue making much time, sloomy tunnels at each street

corner. He feared “death”. The

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