A Record of Slavery of Black colored Men in America

A Record of Slavery of Dark Men in America

Slavery of the Black person in the us was the cruelest ever before known to man. Europeans transported slaves from Africa as soon as 1505. The African Slaves were primary exploited on an island known as Hispaniola, in the Caribbean by the Europeans to accomplish labor work, before these were delivered to the Americas. The ladies usually worked the inside cooking and cleaning as the men were delivered in to the plantation fields to farm. These Africans had been stripped of their homes, cultures, and languages. Slaves were cured like animals.

The black man had not been considered section of the people then. Blacks were educated that their slavery was just how things were designed to be. The white man used religious beliefs and other institutions so as to justify slavery in the south. Regarding to historians, slavery existed in the south as a result of the economical situation. However, this will not explain why Africans had been enslaved in America.

The desperation for folks to do the job the fertile terrain of the south called for the necessity of slaves. In Virginia, NEW YORK, and Kentucky the plantations grew tobacco. In SC, rice was grown. Cotton plantation improved in Georgia, Alabama, and Mississippi. These plantations needed persons to job them. These plantations cannot hire indentured servants; it could have been very costly. Indians cannot be enslaved since it was easier to allow them to revolt against their slave masters, the Americas being their house and all. Africans were an ideal victims because these were thousands of miles away

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