Abortion: The Loss of life of a Helpless, Innocent Child

Abortion: The Loss of life of a Helpless, Innocent Child

Abortion is the closing of pregnancy before birth and can be morally incorrect. An abortion

results in the loss of life of an embryo or a foetus. Abortion destroys the lives of helpless,

innocent children and unlawful in lots of countries. By aborting these unborn infants,

humans are hurting themselves; they aren't allowing themselves to meet up these new

identities and unique personalities. Abortion is quite simply wrong. Many people are raised

knowing the difference between correct and incorrect. Murder is wrong, why is not

abortion? People argue that it's not murder if the kid is unborn. Abortion is murder

because the foetus being destroyed is normally living, breathing and going. Exactly why is it that if an

infant is destroyed a month prior to the birth, there is absolutely no problem, but if killed a month

after birth, this is inhumane murder?

It really is morally and strategically foolish, because we get rid of the middle whenever we talk about

reproductive rights without reference to a more substantial moral and spiritual dimension, and we

are unwilling to use dialect like transgression and redemption, or right and incorrect.

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