International Engagement

 Essay about International Engagement

International Participation

Several significant events came about from 1890-1905 that engaged the United States, specially the United States becoming more involved in foreign affairs. The us has been a main player in world affairs over the last two decades. In the years following its War of Independence, their policies tended to be isolationist, but over the hundreds of years it has altered, mainly by simply trade and economic imperatives, into a superpower that exerts military, economical and ethnic domination above much of the remaining world. This paper will outline two major occasions occurring by 1890-1905. Treaty of Paris, france 1898

The first getting together with for the Treaty of Paris took place on August 1, 1898 when officials from Spain and the United states of america congregated in Paris, England. The objective of the appointment was to make an agreement, or treaty that will put an end to a war, also called the Spanish American Warfare. The American officials present at the conference were the Honorable Whitelaw Reid, Senators George Dreary, William Frye and Bill Day (Library of Our elected representatives, 2010). The end result of the getting together with resulted in The country receiving twenty million us dollars from the United states of america in exchange intended for possession of the Philippines. Combined with Philippines becoming placed under American control, the usa also obtained power over Guam and Puerto Rico. The meetings took place over a nine day time period and the Treaty of Paris was finalized and signed about December 10, 1898 (Library of Our elected representatives, 2010). Venezuelan Boundary Dispute 1895-1899

Though most might relate the Venezuelan Border Dispute to December 18, 1895, when the United States president at the time Grover Cleveland submitted a letter to Our elected representatives practically proclaiming war on Venezuela, the Question essentially initiated in 1841 when Venezuelan officials stated British armed forces was getting close Venezuelan property with purpose of acquiring possession. The key reason for this was at 1814 The united kingdom gained control...

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