Maa Tujhe Salaam

 Maa Tujhe Salaam Article


By: Mit Patel, Nisarg Patel, Pinkal

Patel, Reshma Mohan and Vidhata


Research a piece of music that signifies your home


Song: Maa Tujhe Salaam by A. R. Rahman.

(My respect to mother India)

Video Song

Instruments employed in the Song




Key pad



• Low to large pitch

• Multiple message

• Heterophony

• Polyphony

• Heavy sound

• Melodious


The lyrics of this music part are very

devoted and displays our love for

each of our country and its culture. At the

same period this piece has a bit of

western-Bollywood impact which

Indians are very attracted towards

Potential Controversies

A whole lot of guitar and percussion

involved and it is more

affected by traditional western

structure of music.

Uses of the Song

• Tradition: Patriotic events national holiday seasons (Republic time, Independence day) and is in several Indian different languages covering virtually all the Of india cultures.

• Historical: This song contains the lyrics of your national song " vande mataram” which is the anthem of India.

About the Song

• It is the major selling Of india non-film album to date. • It produced on January 9, 97 by Columbia Documents, a music label owned by Sony Music.

• The popularity of the song was such that in 2002, when BBC World Service conducted an international election to choose the five most famous music of all time via around 7000 songs chosen from across the world, " Maa Tujhe Salaam" was identified second

• The trail also retains two Guinness Universe Records for getting the tune performed inside the most range of languages. Of india singer Sai " Psychuck" Manapragada performed the monitor in 265 different languages (individually) and again in 277 languages (with chorus) to achieve this task twice


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