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Bullying provides a huge impact to the patient whether it is traditional bullying or cyber lovato. This research will be aimed at cyber intimidation and how it gives an impact on students' research and their self-esteem. According to Dr . Qais Faryadi, these are some characteristics of internet bullies (Faryadi, 2011): 1 ) Often linked to other antisocial activities just like drug make use of. 2 . Impulsive and easily angered

3. Strong need to dominate other students.

4. Display little sympathy toward pupils who will be victimized

5. Frequently physically more powerful than other learners in the school. 6. Frequently defiant and aggressive, including to father and mother and educators.

Scholars explained that internet bullying is similar to traditional kinds of bullying wherever it is often strategic and constant, but it may be even more unnerving because of the unknown nature in the assault (Hoff & Mitchell, 2008). Hoff and Mitchell investigated the psychological effects the subjects have experienced and most of the patients experienced strongly negative effects. These findings also parallel while using research saying the higher the amount of bullying by teenagers, the bigger the level of depression suffered by them (Uba, Yaacub & Juhari, 2010). The despression symptoms was due to romantic breakups, envious about other people's romantic relationship, rejection and isolation (Hoff & Mitchell, 2008). However , in another research, cyber intimidation is not only lead to depression; it is also can lead to anxiousness psychosomatic symptoms in victims, socially useless, having higher interpersonal issues, higher absenteeism from school and lower academics competence (Campbell, 2005). These findings likewise parallel with what another analysts have identified (Aoyama, Saxon & Fearon, 2011). The findings with regards to absenteeism from school has already stated in previous analysis, therefore with this research, it might give a direct effect to the student's studies. Based upon research created by Dr Qais Faryadi, the vast majority of research...

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