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United States Air Force


Work Description


Computer System Agent / 3C0X1



Reports to

Shift and Flight Head as appropriate

Job overview

Supervises and performs Communications-Computer Systems (C-CS) operations and executes associated information systems support programs. Performs network management, control, and supervision on DoD local, city, and large area sites, and Command, Control, Sales and marketing communications, Computer and Intelligence devices, Defense Concept Systems (DMS), command and control, and functional region systems. Supervises Communications Reliability (COMSEC) and Information Peace of mind (IA) applications. Summary of essential job functions

May perform any of the next:

Perform daily network administration, control, and administration of information flow in Network Supervision (NM), Help Desk (HD), Information Safety Operations (IPO), and Network Administration (NA). Oversee network configuration, errors, performances, and security supervision through HD, IPO, and NA functions. Review and plan networks, control division of Internet Protocol (IP) treat space, and enforce Net use plan. Implement Air Force Computer Crisis Response Group and Automatic Systems Secureness Incident Support Team secureness fixes, operating-system patches, and antivirus software. Develop local restoral and contingency businesses plans. Method and review C4 systems requirement paperwork, telecommunications services requests, position of purchase messages, and telecommunications assistance orders. Execute strategic and budget planning networks.

Categorize, separate, and deal with network complications. Perform problem isolation by validating, isolating, and fixing faults, and verifying assistance restoral with customers. Process, document, and coordinate quality of difficulty calls coming from Workgroup Managers and Functional System Facilitators. Process slated and certified network black outs. Implement...

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