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City of license| Pasig City

BroadcastВ area| Metro Manila

Branding| Radyo Pulso

Slogan| Ang Radyo Pulso Lakas

First surroundings date| 06 1, 2008-May 18, 2012 as DZAP-AM

May nineteen, 2012-present since DZRN-AM

Frequency| 1152 kHz

Format| Episode News and Public Affairs Entertainment

Power| 50, 000В watts

Class| A, B, C, D

CallsignВ meaning| DZ



Owner| Raven Broadcasting Corporation| Sister stations| Jam 88. 3| Website| [1]| |

DZCA 1170

City of license| Quezon City

BroadcastВ area| Metro Manila

Branding| DZCA 1170

Frequency| 1170 kHz

Format| information, В public affairs

Power| 20, 000 watts

Class| A, B, C

CallsignВ meaning| DZ


Biceps and triceps

Owner| The airwaves Corporation in the Philippines


City of license| Mandaluyong City

Broadcast area| Metro Manila, adjacent areas

Branding| DWBL 1242

Slogan| Serbisyo Publiko!

Frequency| 1242 kHz

First surroundings date| 72

Format| Reports, Public Affairs, Entertainment

Power| 50, 000В watts

ERP| 95, 000В watts

Class| C, D, E

Callsign meaning| DW

BaLita (News)

Owner| FBS Radio Network Inc.

Sister stations| Mellow 94. several

Webcast| DWBL 1242

Website| DWBL 1242

DWBC 1422

Associated with license| Manila

BroadcastВ area| Local area Manila

Branding| DWBC 1422

First air flow date| 1988

Frequency| 1422 KHz

Format| Music, В NewsВ andВ Public Service

Power| 25, 000В watts

ERP| forty two, 000В watts

Class| A, W, C

CallsignВ meaning| DWBC

Owner| Byers Interaction, Inc.

DWDM 96. 5

City of license| Quezon City

BroadcastВ area| Metro Manila

Branding| Pinas FM 955

Slogan| Ang Pambansang FM!

(The National FM! )

First air flow date| 1987В (as Diamond ninety five. 5)

1992В (as Pinoy Car radio DM 955)

2002В (as DWDM 95. 5)В 2011В (as Pinas FM)

Frequency| 95. 5 Megahertz

Format| Adult Contemporary, В OPM

Power| 25, 000В watts

ERP| 101, 160В watts

Class| C, D, Electronic

CallsignВ meaning| DW



Owner| Novelty helmet Broadcasting Corporation| Sister stations| DZEC Radyo Agila 1062| Website|| |

DWLS (Barangay LS ninety-seven. 1)

Associated with license| Quezon City

Transmission area| Super Manila, surrounding areas

Branding| Barangay LS 97. you

Slogan| asВ Campus Radio

The GiantВ (1986-1992)

Forever! В (1995-1999)

The top Pop Music Station in Metro Manila! В (2000-2007) asВ Barangay LS

Permanently! В (2007-Mid 2008)

Ayos! В (2008-2009)

Ayos Gyud! В (2009-2011)

Tugstugan Na! В (January 17, 2011-present)

Frequency| 97. 1 Megahertz

First surroundings date| 1955 in WAS

1976 in FM

Format| Adult Best 40 (CHR), В OPM

Power| 25, 000В watts

Class| M, C, M

Callsign meaning| DW

LoretoВ Stewart

Former callsigns| DZXX (1955-1972)

Owner| GMA Network, Inc.

Sister stations| GMA Super Radyo DZBB 594


105. on the lookout for RJ Subterranean Manila Live Stream

0 commentsFile Under: В FM Radio-Metro Manila

Live On the web Radio Buffering 105. being unfaithful RJ UndergroundВ

Broadcast region: В Metro Manila

Branding: В RJ Underground The airwaves UR 105. 9

Slogan:  " Are you listening to YOUR? ”

Frequency: В 105. on the lookout for MHz

Initial air date:

1992 (LA)

2003 – 2006 (Blazin')

July 3 years ago – present (UR)


as LA: alternative mountain, pop

as Blazin': rap, hip hop, R& B, athletics

as YOUR: modern and classic ordinary

Power: В 25, 000 w

ERP: В 30, 000 watts

Class: В A / N / C

Callsign meaning: В DWLA


DYRC-Radyo Cebu

City of license| Cebu City

Transmitted area| Cebu|...

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