Excellent Voyage

 Fantastic Journey Essay

Fantastic Voyage

HS130, Section 5

Unit 5 Assignment

Kaplan School


I'm going to be taken you on a journey ride through a tiny boat that is simply 8 microns long. I am inside this shrunken down little submarine; because I have been notified that this healthier 42 year-old male has some articulation of bacteria invading the lower lobe of his right chest. I am going to preliminary my subwoofer into his lung to have a more sophisticated perspective. My associate will provide me in his femoral vein, which can be stationed in his leg. I will go north to the heart into the lung area. The submarine has an enameled surface on it; with a special material so the WBC (white bloodstream cells) do not think I'm a imported thing. We're ready to do this!

I'm transmitting to you from your femoral problematic vein of the patient's. I am headed north to his right chest. The femoral vein is among the largest blood vessels in the body. This kind of ride have been smooth one particular. I have been seeing many different types of cellular material go beyond the submarine home window. I just did find a formation of white blood vessels cells went the same way. They are really headed inthe same path I am; more than likely their pointed toward the bacteria infestation in the right chest. As I observe this taking place. I hear the cardiovascular making a LUB-DUB audio as well as the blood flow making a whirlpool sound. The right femoral vein is now turning into the external iliac vein; I am now by the urinary system and reproductive system. This is would be the pelvic area. As we help to make headway north of the everlasting iliac vein called the regular iliac problematic vein, which is also the inferior vena foso. There are inconsistent veins that empty blood vessels to the second-rate vena cava; we will pass each of these openings. ?nternet site keep watching out the windows, we can see the left and right renal veins. Whenever we was to go through these problematic veins we...

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