An Analysis of Odd Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson

 Essay about An Examination of Unusual Case of Dr Jekyll and Mister Hyde by simply Robert John Stevenson

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Seminar Overview: How is a reader meant to feel about the novel Doctor Jekyll and Hyde?

How Stevenson's age vs Readers in today's period.

Theory Upon: The Even victorian Era

How a readers in Stevenson's age were supposed to feels

(explain the readers theory of the publication )

(quote to explain) " I knew myself, initially breath of the new life, to be even more wicked, tenfold more evil, sold enslaved by my original evil; as well as the thought, for the reason that moment, braced and pleased me like wine. ” (QUOTE DESCRIPTION: he desired the readers to be mad, or perhaps be against Jekyll because he was alert to his bad thoughts when he considered Hyde but he did not do anything to halt it. Rather he embraced it, and was cheerful that having been evil.

The novel was obviously a reflection on Stevenson's culture

Stevenson was, in a way, mocking his culture

-in theory, Hyde was your example of the mockery of his contemporary society (quote to explain)

~It's a reflection of his culture

~Was the reflection of his culture obvious? (no, it was in context, among the lines) -It was at context

(quote proof) " and yet after i looked upon the ugly idol in the glass, I was conscious of no repugnance, rather a leap of welcome. This, too, was myself. ” (QUOTE DESCRIPTION: It confirmed how every person had wicked in all of them, and that the persons in his time all a new form of wicked that, a thing along individuals lines)

~Stevenson was putting things in to context because, if he previously made it even more obvious that he was actually mocking his society, he wouldn't have sold any literature. - he made it appear as if it was just a unknown novel.

The thing that was he looking to say about his culture?

it drawn

he was up against the norm

(proof in his biography that he was against the norm/ reflection of himself in the novel as they was against the norm)

Total: Stevenson may have wanted his readers never to know any better about what was happening in context.

Theory On: Today

Before we have into the reader of...

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