Apollo Shoe Case financials

 Apollo Boot Case financial records Essay

Date: 22 OCT 2011 some: 43: seventeen +0000

From: " Larry Lancaster"

Subject matter: Attached 10-K Filing

Attachments:,, �

I am sorry that you were unable to attend the audit appointment last week, yet Darlene Wardlaw said that you were active with another client. The girl asked that I forward a copy of our 10-K directly to you. I've fastened one that we all sent out for all shareholders while using Letter to Shareholders fastened.

I've fastened a copy of Apollo's company table. Please let me know what my staff or I can do to assist the review go smoothly for you. Let me have Karina Ramirez, each of our Director of Internal Audit, contact you to supply you with any other info that you need.


P. S i9000. Do you play golf?

This Apollo message (including any kind of attachments) contains confidential details intended for a particular individual and purpose, and is also protected by law. � Should you be not the intended recipient, you should erase this communication and are hereby notified that any disclosure, copying, or perhaps distribution of this message, or the taking of any action based on that, is strictly prohibited.

Page to Guy Shareholders

Dear Fellow Shareholders,

You may have noticed our competitor's focus on earth-bound activities and athletes. The focus is exactly the contrary direction. In fact, the scientific superiority of your products reaches the point where each of our sales happen to be limited only by the technological inferiority of other clinical fields (specifically, current transport means). As space query continues, we intend to always be among the first to promote our items in fresh worlds. It truly is there our technological advancements in light and sound can combine with the rugged footwear to launch all galactic sports participants to their maximum potential.

Back here at earth, the past year have been one of the most active and thrilling years seeing that I started my tenure at Apollo Shoes. From the beginning, Apollo Shoes and boots, Inc. features adapted by itself to meet the needs of most its galactic customers and to take advantage of all opportunities given by exploration of new frontiers. After having a record 12 months when typically may have got wanted to rest and play it safe, we have chose to use this pleasure to reach out further more in our continuing mission: to produce a difference in this galaxy.

The product lines, led by the range topping products SPOT LIGHT (for athletes who like to compete for night) and SIREN (designed specifically for law enforcement officers working the graveyard alterations in our place's most dangerous cities) have achieved widespread popularity. We have signed with some of the world's top athletes because spokespersons pertaining to our products, including a new winner from the grueling Alaska Iditarod who also used his SPOTLIGHTs to steer his dogs to a night time finish line. We are at present negotiating which has a soccer group to entirely use our SIRENs; the shoe's pulsating lights are made to go off after every team target!

Our strategic supervision plans have got allowed all of us to maintain a positive trend in income over the past several years, which was no convenient task, offered the state of the galactic economic climate. Our net income for 12 months has been the best since we began businesses four years ago. Next year appears even better!

The strength of the results within the past year ought not to be confused with the facts of the times. This was a uniformly challenging year for any businesses. Due to the conflicts in foreign countries, and uncertainness with the Federal Reserve's alterations of interest costs, consumer confidence has been negatively affected; consequently , fewer the planet consumers are shopping for our cutting edge athletic gear. All of our working divisions were severely examined. I i am proud of all their responses. Though sales were not as good as we experienced anticipated, our marketing plans will allow us to bounce back next year.

With the advent of significant new...

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