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Assignment a couple of: Case 2-8 " Tapping the Ethnic Market”

Terika Slocumb

Promoting 510: Consumer Behavior

Dr . Adina Scruggs

November 4, 2012

Challenges and Opportunities

Enclosure discrimination and unethical financing practices have reached the root from the large space between the community population and the general inhabitants in regard to know-how and education about the housing market problem. Housing and communities stay segregated inspite of all of the progress America has made since the Civil Rights Motion. Minorities are more likely to live in low-income communities and also suffer the side effects of lower income such as a lack of education and job opportunities.

Earlier research has displayed that minorities are, actually treated in a different way when looking to rent or perhaps buy a home. While evidence implies that situations of real estate discrimination will be decreasing, it truly is still a tremendous problem. You will discover noted cases of whites being picked over hispanics to hire an apartment based on nothing apart from color. In addition , African American and Hispanic persons attempting to get a house are sometimes displayed lower quality homes and given less quality information about the home buying method. This certainly leads to minorities being considered advantage of as not knowing about different types of mortgage options or down payments.

While further proof of housing elegance, Section almost eight properties tend to be frequently protested by non-minority community users to the level that community meetings are held around the topic, (Jenner, MacNab, Briley, Brislin, and Worthley, 2008). It seems that non-minorities would rather continue to keep Housing Tasks and low-income housing in crowded cities. In addition , homes in mainly white areas rise in benefit at a much higher and faster price than carry out similar homes in lower income areas where a top percentage of minorities live.

Although this assignment focuses on the three majors American subcultures it is important to consider...

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