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History of the Caribbean: LAC 108

Wednesday and Thursday: 11: 00AM-12: 15PM

Teacher: Ana Ozuna, Ph. Deb.

Office Several hours: Monday and Wednesday, two: 00PM-3: 30PM

Office: C-417

E-mail: [email protected] cuny. edu

Tel.: 718-518-6852


Palmié, S i9000., & Scarano, F. A. (Eds. ). (2011) The Caribbean, as well as of the Location and Its Lenders. Chicago: UP Chicago. ISBN-13: 978-0226645087


During the course of the semester, handouts will be allocated with maps and statistical information on the political, market, and economic conditions with the territories with the Caribbean location. Supplementary studying assignments for each and every topic provides students an opportunity to interpret and assess data from many different sources and points of perspective and to examine evidence and arguments critically and analytically.

Course Information:

This is a survey course that focuses on the of the Caribbean from the pre-Columbian era to the current. Reading tasks and category presentations and discussions are organized chronologically and by styles. The issues to be deemed include political history, economical and sociable developments, and labor migrations. All studying assignments will probably be from the necessary texts and supplementary elements that will be given away in class since handouts or posted on Blackboard.

Learning Outcomes

This course will provide students with a standard understanding of the history of the Caribbean, especially from the late nineteenth century to the current. Students can gather and assess differing interpretations about significant situations in Carribbean history, like the demise of the indigenous populace, the roots of captivity, the nature of the abolitionist movements, and the function of the United States in the region. Students may also have an chance to compare and contrast numerous Caribbean communities so as to prefer the many aspects of their shared history, society and culture, as well as the ways in which these kinds of territories vary from each other, and from the Us. Students will certainly evaluate data and arguments critically and produce well-reasoned written essays using proof to support all their conclusions.

Course Requirements

1 . Regular attendance is crucial to being successful in this course. Any skipped class will cause you to fall behind. More than 4 (4) defaut will result in you failing the class. 2 . Likewise, class involvement is essential to your success in this course. Contribution includes coming to class made by having look at the assigned chapters and content, and capable to discuss all of them in class. three or more. All deadlines for projects must be attained.

5. All exams must be considered on the day mentioned in the syllabus. 5. Textbooks and other need texts or reading elements are required for each class getting together with, unless or else specified.


Four (4) or more defection without approval may become a great F Class at the discretion of the instructor.

Letter grade Score Quality points

A93-1004. 0

A-90-923. 7

B+87-893. a few

B83-863. 0

B-80-822. 7

C+77-792. 3

C70-76 2 . 0

D60-691. zero

FFailure zero. 0

The grade in this course can consist of half a dozen (6) pieces:

25% Presence and School Participation

35% Exams

15% Informal Written Assignments

15% Formal Created Assignment

10% Formal Publishing: Information Article and Powerpoint Presentation


School attendance is compulsory. However , when the pupil foresees that he/she will never be able to enroll in a class, they should alert the instructor possibly by e-mail or by phone. You have to be present, punctually, and ready to participate. Your words is crucial for the class to be a success.

Absentee Coverage: More than 3 (3) absences and/or any kind of lateness can lead to a...

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