Business Plan on Fruits Plantation

 Business Plan in Fruit Plantation Essay

Commercial Fresh fruit Plantation & Resource Middle

Humayun Rafiqul Kabir

Exec Summery

A company means an essential platform for your life which could change his standard of living, his creativity, degree of thinking and in addition can change the social position in the culture. These are every one of the psychological cause of why people actually start a business. A company can be risky too, but we all believe that simply no gain can easily achieved till or except if there's risk involved. In order to fight this kind of risk a business person has to be great and has to be tough working as well, to start his business also to take this toward a profitable vividness stage. Help to make a flourishing business, an entrepreneur or a couple of entrepreneurs should certainly make a strategic plan relating to how they will make the business, that they would finance the business, that they are going to target the market and who they are gonna recruit in order to run all of their business actions. As a matter of fact, five of us since partners will certainly create a business, for which we must develop a strategic business plan as being a written record, where all the necessary external and internal steps and requirements will probably be mentioned thoroughly. Moreover, the financing, marketing, production & operation and also entrepreneurial opportunities skills will probably be mentioned in our business plan.

Our business is a garden on agricultural planting. We will develop a yard in Ramgarh, situated in Chittagong Hill Tracts by purchasing about 200 acres of land from the regional farmers who inherited these lands off their forefathers who have got it like a token through the rein of president Zia Ur Rahman. We is going to plant exotic fresh fruits and will supply towards the consumers at a reasonable price for their convenience.

Target Market:

Our main concentrate on would be the downtown consumers of Chittagong and the Dhaka region. Fruit is an important food item that contains vitamins and calcium which is vital and important for the nourishment of human wellness. Almost all the urban people keep fruits in their day to day routine of diet chart and in addition they always seek for fresh fruits using a reasonable price from their food markets or neighborhood markets local. Though there is also a recent tendency of developing supermarkets however people rely on local markets for their freshness and the establishments of providing lower price. Therefore , we are going to always be the manufacturers of various warm fresh fruits like- Mangoes, A melon, Litchis, Sapodillas(Safeda), Jujubes( Apple Kul), Kamranga, Dragon Fruits, Rambutam and Wax Apple ( Thai Jamrul). The land of Ramgargh is definitely hilly with steep to gentle mountains, therefore , our company is optimistic, that our production will very likely be highly profitable his or her will be customers to seek for fresh fruits.


Every business owner needs to analyze his competitor's condition and strengths and weaknesses too before starting the organization. We know that fruits cultivation and production is definitely a popular business in Bangladesh as fruits is an important daily food the necessity of that will never disappear. In this situation, we all will evaluate couple of fresh fruit gardens which include their cultivation & production process in order to improve each of our business technique and to provide better our competitors. Besides analyzing our competitors, all of us will also segment our target market nationwide. Intended for market segmentation in worldwide market, we might segment foreigners, expatriates and non residential Bangladeshis.


Our goal behind this venture can be producing warm fruits on a large scale in Ramgarh would supply that to the local market that is very convenient in card holder's reach. We might look forward to acquire another four hundred acres of land to expand our fruit fostering and make a processing plant in near future. In addition , we would develop a holiday resort for vacationers as the location is quickly ideal to attract both neighborhood and international tourists.

Our venture will probably be formed on the...

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