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Paper Furniture

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Dhathri Bhupathi, Vani, Vaarshik, Pranav



1-INTRODUCTION…………………………………. a couple of


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4. 2-TECHNICAL VIABILITY…………………………10

5-SUMMARY……………………………………………. 11

Newspaper furniture

1 ) Introduction

We have chosen this particular area to explore and produce a new market, basically intended for 2 major causes. 1 . Global warming: it has become one of the main concerns to get our world today and one of the main factors leading to its speedy growth is deforestation. As a result saving a part of trees and shrubs which are staying cut for making furniture can lead to lowering in the deforestation level and at the same time paper waste can be re-used. installment payments on your Poverty in India: lower income is widespread, with the country estimated to get a third of the world's poor. In 2010,  World Bank stated, 32. 7% from the total Indian people fall below the international poverty line of US$1. 25 per day (PPP) while 68. 7% live on significantly less than US$ 2 daily. In order to help to improve the life type of these people who also fall under the poverty series. Customer

In this project were targeting the rural sector of India since it is the sector which retailers many potential buyers for our products. The agricultural sector features less non reusable income earners, the people happen to be price very sensitive hence they will only purchase the products which can be priced realistically and have longevity. In the the past few years where the world has been strike with inflation the rural sector is one of the sector which has been poorly affected and thus demands intended for products that are low priced and which could satisfy their needs about an degree. The following list shows the priority set of the rural sector regarding an item * Affordable price

* Durability

* Fulfil their needs

* Easily available

After listing the needs with the rural sector we have develop the idea of newspaper furniture since it is beneficial in the following methods 1 . we are able to re-use the used daily news

2 . save trees

three or more. save the price of producing furniture

4. create furniture which is cheap and which could last long 5. just about every Indian resident can afford this furniture

6. it is environmentally friendly

The consumers in this sector are highly price sensitive, hence we have manufactured different goods which range from Rs10 to Rs 2000 getting the maximum. The following are the products combined with price range.

2 . Price of goods

3. Market

The market intended for paper household furniture has to be produced as paper furniture presently does not have got any industry which can be deemed. Paper household furniture are made just in few houses inside the rural areas and they are made only for personal use. Hence we have identified this space in the market and considered it as the opportunity for creating a brand new market to get a new product we. e conventional paper furniture which can be restricted in the four wall space of a home. We have predicted the market with this unique goods will raise once the method in the market even as we produce daily news related products for different functions and we have got planned on meeting all the requirements of the rural people with each of our products and we assure these people satisfaction issues expenditure intended for the products. About 70% of individuals live in the agricultural areas of India thus catering to them not only satisfies them and increases all their standard of living but also it will have an economic progress. In order to figure out our market for daily news furniture we all conducted a survey. The survey protected most of the extremely populated countryside areas. All of us conducted the survey by grouping fifteen to twenty people in each group, creating about 500 groups( around 12, 000 people) across American indian villages. After grouping, we asked the following questions to these people in order to get a general opinion in writing furniture.

H. No| Inquiries

1| Simply how much do likely to spend on solid wood furniture and decorations at your house .? | 2| What do you are going to do with...

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