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Price tag Clothing Business Plan

Face Adrenaline


1 . you COMPANY

Face Adrenaline is a start up retail establishment that will offer fashionable exersice clothing to women that fit most body types by changing not only in work with but as well customized match. While our initial aim is to open up one shop, expansion ideas include potentially franchising our retail store and building a well-recognized brand name. In turn, we would hope to penetrate a significant portion of the web retail market. As our identity suggests each of our focus should be to provide exercise apparel and accessories, and position ourself as the very best retail store servicing this particular market. Our motives are to obtain 80% market share and become a central link of shopping activity pertaining to the local energetic young populace as well others who delight in an active life-style. Face Adrenaline will be positioned in Brooklyn, Pretoria which is a bigger class region. It is centralized directly properly to the household location, a Virgin Effective and a Planet Fitness. We believe that is critical to our initial accomplishment and long lasting growth. 1 ) 2 PRODUCT

By carefully following generational fashion trends as well as our own customers' purchasing personal preferences, we will certainly tailor our inventory to meet the specific requires of our customers. We is going to solely focus on the designs, colors and fits to flatter the professional fresh adult primarily ages 18-40. Meeting the needs of numerous figures will be our specialised. The Hoodie bag is the very definition of a triple threat. The malleable, convenient garment is just as adaptable whenever you need it to be, transforming by a tote to a cover to a encapsulate top in a pinch. Turned, braided, cinched, or reversed, the Hoodie contains a cavalcade of variations pertaining to dextrous hands. 2 . 0 MARKET RESEARCH

installment payments on your 1 TARGET CUSTOMER

Face Adrenaline is a business-to-consumer retail company. Female's between ages of 18-50 are our obvious target buyers. The typical income of your target market can be R17 000. We can initially search for customers locally, but will increase our reach as we build our company and protect our graphic. The primary focus on customer of Face Adrenaline will be the small professional ladies. The secondary target clients are the elderly women just like young mothers or housewives between the age groups of 30-50. 2 . 2 Market Segmentation

The effective young population is concentrated seriously in the Hatfield and Brooklyn part of the town therefore bringing about the highest concentration of our customer base. The last part of potential customers is usually labeled as " other". Because Face Adrenaline offers various active and exercise gear and attire, along with accessories and gifts we feel that we all will attract many curious consumers. Our atmosphere and customer service will make these people repeat buyers. The goal of Confront Adrenaline should be to serve the local female community that have difficulty finding workout clothes that fit their frames.

Market Research

| | Year 1| Year 2| Year 3| Year 4| Year 5|

Potential Customers| Growth| | | | | | CAGR

Young Proffesionals | 10% | 18, 247 | nineteen, 981 | 21, 879 | 23, 958 | 26, 234 | on the lookout for. 50% | 30-50| 15% | being unfaithful, 682 | 11, 134 | doze, 804 | 14, 725 | sixteen, 934 | 15. 00% | Other| 10% | 3, 724 | 5, 096 | 4, 506 | 5, 957 | 5, 453 | twelve. 00% | Total| 14. 33% | 31, 653 | thirty five, 211 | 39, 189 | 43, 640 | 48, 621 | eleven. 33%

2 . several Market Requires

There are several essential needs in the exercise apparel business that are being either underserved or not met whatsoever. Face Adrenaline plans in order to meet and service those requirements. * Face Adrenaline provides a large variety of sizes to compliment the various body shapes and sizes of the community. This is a size segment that is absent throughout the much larger active put on apparel retailers in the town. * Concentrate and focus on customer's personal preferences and consumer retention will probably be given excessive priority. As a result of high rate of staff turnover...

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