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 Casestudyonamazon 140228002815 Phpapp02 Essay


Case study about Amazon. com's Supply String Management Techniques

Sabitha Z .. B.

College of Management Studies

CUSAT, Kochi -- 22

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Fuzy: The case provides an overview of Amazon online marketplace. com's inventory management. Jeffrey Preston Bezos the president of Amazon. com released the company if he realized that Net provided enormous scope to get online trading. Although the internet site was at first launched as an online book shop it sooner or later offered a number of other products to keep abreast of the competition. The case requires a look at the different products and features offered on the website. The case as well discusses Amazon's value selections and its standards for choosing strategic partners. It then elaborates for the strategies adopted by Amazon online marketplace for controlling its inventory. It also explains Amazon's decision to outsource products on hand management to distributors. The situation takes a look at Amazon's decision to sell the products of rivalling retailers in its internet site. It concludes with a simple note within the future difficulties in Amazon's warehouse managing

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1 . 1 General Info

Amazon. com (Amazon) is one of the first online shopping sites introduced in 1995. Since its inception, it has been regularly ranked as one of the best retail websites and is regarded as the widespread model to get successful Net retailing. In March 98, Amazon was ranked top among the 20 internet sites in almost all the major market surveys.

According to an analyst, " When you think of web shopping, you think of Amazon initially. The Forrester Power Ranks in 2150, ranked Amazon online marketplace as the best online shopping web page. Amazon owed a large component to its recognition to it is excellent customer care, which was due to its exemplary products on hand management. Amazon online marketplace realized that there are a lot of players inside the e-tailing industry and therefore this needed to consolidate its position as one of the best online shopping sites. Appropriately, it took a lot of measures. To be able to increase its revenue, it added several new products to its web page. In 1999, on an average, it added a new product about its web page once in every six weeks. This entered into tactical alliances with several companies to boost the range of products available on it is site. After, it heightened its Client Fulfilment Network by obtaining products directly from the suppliers rather than stocking all the merchandise in its stockroom. Amazon was popular among its customers intended for shipping items within the approximated time, resulting in satisfied consumers, improved market share and duplicate business. At the conclusion of 2002, Amazon acquired 22. a few million users on their site. Simply by 2003, Amazon online marketplace became the largest book, music and online video retailer on the Internet and offered a lot more than 4. six million catalogs, videos, music CDs, DVDs, computer games and other products.

Further, Amazon . com had the distinction of being the initially e-commerce site to use collaborative filtering technology5. Amazon's immediate business target was to 'get big fast' which reflected the driving force behind the company's growth.

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