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Financial Forces

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Physical Forces

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1 . Introduction & Explanation

The Coca-Cola Company is among the biggest producers, vendors and suppliers of non-alcoholic beverage and syrups around the world. Is actually headquarter is found in Atlanta, capital of the condition Georgia in the us. It is one of the main companies of United Condition and is more popular for its range topping product, " Coca-Cola”.

Pepsi is now internationally renowned fizzy drinks company with ambitious strategies to upgrade the brand. This owns almost all soft drinks found in coolers and vending machines in the western world. Although Coca-Cola is the main brand of this provider but you will discover other bass speaker brands named Fanta, Sprite, Dr Self defense, Oasis and PowerAde. Anybody can easily find out all about all their affiliated brands just by going to their business website. 2 . Global Business and Sales strategies

Annual statement of the year 2005 features that business markets their beverage items in more than 312 countries or territories around the world. Today, international existence of Pepsi is incredible for its emblem, colors and advertising requirements throughout the world. SWOT Analysis



Marketplace groundbreaker in soft drinks.


Coca-Cola has massive global demand. There is large scale of operations. Advertisement with attractive images is definitely taken deeply in the center of lenders. This kind of enormously identifiable branding is one of the finest strength of Coca- Cola. In addition to that the structure of bottles providing a remarkable durability.


The slogan, coloring, font and logo is another strength of Coca Cola.


Sponsorship of Football, Cricket, Olympics and other cultural events.


The music of Coca Cola


Logos of Cocaina Cola is a wonderful strength. The manufacturer image can be widely accepted.


Seasons advertisements, just like Christmas, Globe cup suits etc, through Medias.



One of the major healthcare problems of Pepsi is the results on the tooth.


Because of the sugar within Coca-Cola continuous drinking could potentially cause health problems.


Addiction to Coca-Cola causes serious health problems, because regular ingesting of Skol affects human body after number of years.


As a result of brand marketplace shares, Pepsi makes immediate competition intended for competitors which may cause the emerging of new opponents in the market.


It has earlier unsuccessful sales strategies for bass speaker brands like Coke Zero and Desani.


п‚· Company has got the opportunity to introduce new products in marketplace and pulling up for marketing.


Brand reputation of Skol has significant impact on competitive position.


Today, name brand of Coco-Cola is renowned through 94% of the world.


Within packaging influenced its product sales and industry positioning, yet more above public are not tended out to be affected by new products..


In packaging organization there is a requirement of ‘green company and durability.


Bottling system of Coca-Cola enables to take benefit of unbounded development possibilities around the world. This method offers Coca Cola the chance to deal a sizable geographic, diverse area.


Company gets the opportunities to help to make investment in to the developing countries.


It has also the chance to develop cultural responsibility in narrower demographics.



Vast competition...

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