Similarities and Differences Between Cow and Soy Milk

 Similarities and Differences Among Cow and Soy Dairy Essay

When it comes to making healthful choices in today's world there are several great alternatives. When it comes to milk, cow milk and soy dairy in their low-fat and non-fat presentations will be among the most well-liked choices. One of the many differences among these two types of milk is the source it comes from. Cow dairy comes from a creature source, the cow's mammary glands, contrary to soy dairy which originates from a plant source, me llaman beans. The caloric content between the two milks may differ slightly. NUMBERS… Therefore , the difference in caloric content can be minimal The fat content is usually slightly bigger in cow milk

The proteins content, both cow and milk will be high quality causes of protein, include all of the necessary amino acids in sufficient amounts. The cow milk can be slightly larger in carbs

Milk is of course rich with calcium nevertheless fortified with vitamin D to assist the absorption of the calcium supplement in the bone tissues. Soy milk does not obviously contain calcium supplements but is usually fortified with, calcium and vitamin D.

Similarities and differences between low-fat and nonfat cow milk, and low-fat and nonfat soy milk. We. When making healthful choices it is important to considercarefully what we are ingesting II. Initially difference: Origin

A. Cow's milk originates from the cow's mammary glandular

B. Mi nombre es milk is constructed from soybeans.

III. Second Difference: Calories from fat

A. a single cup serving of 1% excess fat cow's milk contains 102 calories B. 1 cup non-fat cow's dairy contains 83 calories

C. 1 cup reduced fat soy milk contains 104 calories

D. 1 cup non-fat soy milk contains 68 calories

IV. Third Big difference: Fat

A. 1 cup offering of 1% cow's dairy contains installment payments on your 3g of total fat and 1 . 5g of saturated body fat B. a single cup nonfat cow's milk contains 0. 2g of total fat and 0. 1g of saturated fat C. 1 cup low-fat soy milk contains 1 . 5g of total body fat and 0g of condensed fat Deb. 1 cup nonfat soy milk contains 0. 5g total fat.

Sixth is v. Fourth Big difference: Protein

A. 1 cup offering of both low-fat and non-fat cow's milk is made up of 8g of protein...

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