Comparing the Security of Glass windows 7 into a Linux-Based Operating-system

 Comparing the Security of Windows 7 into a Linux-Based Operating System Essay

Matter: Comparing the security of House windows 7 to a Linux primarily based operating system Practical: To inform

Particular Purpose: By the end of my speech, my audience will be able to differentiate the two operating systems reliability. Central Idea: Comparing the safety of Home windows 7 into a Linux centered operating system

Advantages: Good night, I am here tonite to explain the basic securities of two very different systems. Windows six has been out for a couple years now and has what some tell be a better secured system than other variations of home windows. Windows was always a place of interest for security as a result of security that windows features, or a lack of security, according to who anyone asks. I am going to enter the basic information on windows secureness and compare it into a lesser known operating system called Ubuntu and how that they differ nevertheless also the way they are same.

House windows Security

windows recommended security measures

anti virus, anti-spy ware and malware programs are recommended and in turn use up resources glass windows firewall is a very useful fire wall

consumer account control (UAC) to confirm a change inside the system UAC is good it lets you know every time a system transform is being made UAC does not require a security password, so anyone can really modify anything going out of system susceptible Windows presumes you will be admin and treats permissions as such Ubuntu Security

Ubuntu security steps

malware and viruses generally tend not to exist to get Linux OS's, although if perhaps one did get one a Linux equipment it would have no impact firewall is incredibly useful and can be configured by using a command-line, applying less assets Linux " sudo” order

sudo is so you never need to be logged in as admin and do not have got admin permissions sudo needs a password and so only admin can make changes to system Ubuntu updates are far more recurrent than home windows

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