Contract Rules Exam 2010

 Contract Legislation Exam 2010 Essay


Graduate Diploma in Law

Agreement Law

Evaluation Paper


16 Summer 2010






Where concerns are sub-divided, candidates should never expect the sub-divisions always to be of equal excess weight.

Materials supplied: GDL Lawful Extracts (which MUST be came back UNMARKED at the conclusion of the examination).

You must answer THREE queries out of SIX

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Graduate Diploma in Law


Bernie ran a little but powerful shop, Bernie's Veg, providing locally grown fruit and veggies. He decided to expand his business to feature deliveries of your " organic box” structure to consumers in the local area. He needed to buy a van to make these transport, and wanted some booklets printed to advertise " Vegies in a Vehicle, ” his new support.

On Wed 28 The spring, at 11. 00 was, Bernie directed a text message to his uncle Ron, who necessary to upgrade his own business van, " Need to buy a van. Have you got one for a few thousand? ” An exchange of e-mail followed because set out in Documents A and B.

On Fri 14 Might, Ron dispatched a page to Bernie, set out since Document C. The page arrived in Monday seventeen May.

As well on 14 May, Bernie read in the Blankford Gazette about a regional van market at Frank's Auction House the very next day (Document D).

On the early morning of the public auction, Saturday 15 May, Bernie left some text on Ron's business mobile phone voicemail, proclaiming that this individual no longer desired the van. Ron did not pick this kind of up until being unfaithful. 00 are on Monday 17 Might and immediately sold the van to Max.

Bernie attended the auction, and he ultimately made the highest bid to get the VDL Supercarry, by ВЈ2, five-hundred. The auctioneer refused to simply accept Bernie's bid as he realized that the owner had wished to achieve a significantly bigger price. Bernie was mad.

On his approach to Frank's Auction House, Bernie had sprang into " Speedyprint” to enquire about the price tag on their producing some booklets to advertise his new business.

He was shocked at Speedyprint's fee of £400 & VAT intended for 5000 small leaflets and told the sales helper that he would have to seem elsewhere unless he may negotiate money off. The product sales assistant, Stefano, was using work experience in Speedyprint during his gap year. Eager to impress his manager, Luca, he agreed a reduced fee of £200 + VAT to secure the order. When Luca delivered, he was annoyed – he had already informed Stefano never to change the rates. Luca telephoned Bernie to tell him the fact that standard charge still utilized. Ron's notice (Document C) arrived in the 10. 00 am content delivery about Monday 17 May. When he read Ron's letter, Bernie was treated that this individual could buy a cheap truck after all. If he phoned Ron, Bernie was angry to listen to that Ron had sold the vehicle to Maximum within the last hour - and before the twenty-one May deadline. Advise Bernie, explaining his legal location.

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Graduate Diploma or degree in Legislation

Document A

Email - Wednesday twenty-eight April, 13: 02

From: Ron

To: Bernie

Interesting text. Excellent nice 2-year old white colored Vauxford Transano, one prior owner, pertaining to ВЈ5, 500. Would you be interested?

Document B

Email -- Thursday 13 May, 17: 00

By: Bernie

To: Ron

I'll take the vehicle off your hands for ВЈ4, five-hundred.

Document C

Letter via Ron to Bernie, Fri 14 Might

Dear Bernie,

You can have the van pertaining to ВЈ4, five-hundred. Would you manage to pay cash? Max is definitely interested in buying the van you can too tell me by simply Friday twenty one? Regards, Ron

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Graduate Diploma or degree in Regulation

Document G

Extract from Blankford Feuille, Friday 16 May

Frank's Auction House

Car Auction

Sat 15 May well, Noon.

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