Ebay Example: Assess the way the characteristics with the digital mass media and the Internet together with proper decisions taken by its supervision have backed eBay's ongoing growth.

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  • Ebay Example: Assess the way the characteristics with the digital mass media and the Internet together with proper decisions taken by its supervision have backed eBay's ongoing growth.
 Ebay Example: Assess how a characteristics in the digital press and the Net together with tactical decisions taken by its...

ContentsA Brief History of the Growth of eBay3Characteristics in the digital mass media and the Internet4Strategies for growth5Partnerships and Acquisitions5Payment Options7The Localized Marketplace7Increased Categories8Reduction in fees8Conclusion8Appendices9Appendix A9Appendix B9Bibliography10 Assess how the characteristics of the digital media as well as the Internet together with strategic decisions taken by their management include supported eBay's continued expansion.

A Brief History from the Growth of eBayOne of the world's most famous dot-coms was founded while AuctionWeb in San Jose, California, about September three or more, 1995, by French-born Iranian computer programmer Pierre Omidyar. This was 95 when the World Wide Web or 'information superhighway' when it was known, was just a few years of age. On Sept 12, Calcul Omidyar blogposts a list of the non-computer related items that can be found on his new Auctions Site to the misc. forsale. non-computer newsgroup; merely nineteen items which include a Marky Mark's fixed underwear and a Phazer motorcycle.

By following March, the website came into existence a popular place with 12, 000 users. " This website has become popular than My spouse and i ever expected", Pierre submitted to the website's forum, " and I began to realise it was indeed a grand experiment in Internet commerce". (Peel, 2006)Having been on an way up curve, 97 was a rollercoaster year. The one-millionth item was sold, and AuctionWeb officially became known as eBay (short for Indicate Bay Technology Group, Omidyar's consulting firm).

eBay went public in September 21 years old, 1998, and Omidyar started to be an instant billionaire. Currently, amazon comprises for three main businesses, or as the previous CEO Whitman calls 'the power of three' technique: 1 . The eBay Market: eBay identifies this since " on the net platform to get the sale of goods and services by a excited community of individuals and little businesses" wherever " any individual can buy anything at all. " installment payments on your PayPal: Attained by amazon in 2002, PayPal should " create a new global standard intended for online Payments" and enable " any individual or business with an email addresses to safely, easily and quickly send and get payments on-line. " several. Skype: Skype, bought simply by eBay in 2005, is usually an internet interaction company in whose aim is to " persons everywhere to generate unlimited voice and online video communication totally free between the users of Skype ip telefoni software. " Today, craigs list is a sensation whose size and degree is almost hard to comprehend. The quantity of registered users about eBay by the end of 2008 was roughly 406 million, rising from 276 , 000, 000 the previous 12 months. eBay likewise generated net revenue really worth $8. a few million in the year 2008, in comparison to $7. 6th million the prior year, and simply $3. 3 million in 2004. However , over the years, the ecommerce business has been suffering from slowing development, and now weak revenue, because illustrated by the graph listed below (Kelleher, 2009).

Figure 1This is also showed in the financial reports, where the company posted fourth one fourth revenue of $2. 04 billion. This kind of represents a $145 mil year-over-year lower which they connect primarily towards the impact on amazon " of any stronger buck and macroeconomic conditions globally" (eBay Inc. Fourth Quarter and Total Year 08 Results, 2009).

Characteristics in the digital media and the InternetE-commerce is the trade of products and services by using the Internet or perhaps other laptop networks.

To comprehend the growth and success of eBay because an e-commerce website, one particular must be aware in the characteristics and advantages of the digital media and the internet. Fifteen years back, the term internet was almost unknown to most people. But today, the web has become the one of the most powerful connection tools readily available. eBay, belonging to the first websites to take advantage of the numerous possibilities the web had to offer prior to the beginnings in the dot com rush, is an ideal example showing how the qualities of the digital media and...

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