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simply by Charlotte Morinaux on 12 December 2013855

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Transcript of IKEA's CRM strategy

IKEA's approach

- Be nearer to the everyday routine of the consumers�

- Adjust itself for the new life styles of the French.

- Continuously improve the closeness with consumers and rethinking stores

IKEA's CRM technique

IKEA experience

Customer encounter: �

- feelings of shoppers before, during and after the purchase -- a unique knowledge

- a good time spent looking

- the feeling that the consumer is « free » and effective during the purchase

Customer value equity

IKEA doesn't want to00 satisfy clients but to delight them: IKEA goes beyond the standard of referrals IKEA's CRM strategy

Good afternoon!


Creation: 1943 in Laxa, sweden

In Portugal in 81 = head in 08

Revenue: 2 . 5 billion dollars euros in 2012 (17. 8% market share).

For example

- The ambiance of the level of deal

- The tone directed at the marketing

- The assistance offered: restaurant / committed spaces for children (cross-selling services)

- Conditional CRM

- Operational CRM


- HUMAN RESOURCES & organizational

- Technique

Charlotte MORINAUX


CRM lessons from Ikea

I have recently had to acquire some home furniture, and found the process interesting by a CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT perspective and so will reveal it with you. We restricted ourself to two potential furniture suppliers: a UK-based company, Environment, with what definitely seems to be a fairly standard business model, which provides fairly fashionable, relatively expensive furniture, and Ikea, a Swedish home furniture retailer having a less conventional business model, with much less pricey furniture, perhaps less stylish. I thought that we would probably wrap up buying almost all our home furniture from An environment, whereas actually Ikea was our main supplier. While buying this furniture, several interesting factors about IKEA's business model became apparent: um Most of IKEA's products happen to be delivered as " flat-pack" self-assembly products. Habitat also supply merchandise in that file format, primarily it seems, to ease shipment (and decrease associated costs). However , IKEA's products was designed not just in reduce transport costs, nevertheless also to minimise creation assembly costs. Clever design and style had been used to produce goods which can be put together by the customer with little skill (use of a electric screwdriver and voyeur only), from parts manufactured by machine with little man effort from the manufacturing plant. The design also guaranteed a robust, trendy piece of furniture in spite of the limited skills of the assemblersprache. Much of the function involved in manufacturing the� furniture piece had been moved from the factory, to the customer. The reduction in cost had already been passed on the customer. No less than this buyer, there was also a significant a sense of achievement in assembling the table or chair. The result - a top quality piece of furniture at low-cost, good results . a lot more be employed by the customer, good results . a causing sense of feat. o There are differences in the retail outlet style as well. Home provides a regular Main Road retail outlet, with room to show off the goods, and attentive revenue staff to discuss the home furniture. Ikea's out-of-town, large-scale store had the room to attempt different things. The products had been displayed in several room mock-ups so that pieces could be noticed in relation to additional products, with 'design stations' to help the client to build their own design. Ikea staff were on hand, but not as sales assistants, even more to advise on design, check whether stock was offered, etc . This method helps with the interior design aspects of selecting pieces of furniture, again for this customer at least, a horrible aspect of obtaining furniture. u Distribution:

It truly is here that the most obvious distinctions with a conventional retail store arise: - You...

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