Differences and Purposes of Criminal Andcivil Law in England

 Differences and Purposes of Criminal Andcivil Law in britain Essay

This dissertation explores the differences and goal behind lawbreaker and city law. Initially it is helpful to define what is meant by the term regulation. Law could be defined as " a set of rules to encourage a more peaceful society”. In other words, law regulates and helps to protect society simply by defining unfavorable behaviour and providing a framework of consequence.

Being a society we accept some acts are undesirable plus the state enforces a system of laws to spot and penalize these. This is the system of felony law. In this manner laws define our legal rights and obligations to culture. As individuals and organisations we can also use the system of civil laws to assert our rights and force other folks to act responsibly.

Civil and criminal law differ in many respects, for example the tennis courts where the instances are observed, the language utilized to describe the participants, the burden of evidence and the punishments which might stick to. While criminal law is the tool or instrument from the state, with cases charged by the state and the guilty punished by the state, civil law permits individuals, businesses or organisations to settle arguments and issues.

As the system of municipal law can be administered by state it is not necessarily generally the express which starts proceedings. Civil courts provide the apparatus pertaining to the public to say their legal rights. An example can be Miller sixth is v Jackson [1977] QB 966. Mr & Mrs Burns, the people or injured parties, argued that cricket projectiles from the neighbouring club rotten the excitement from their yard. The crickinfo club had not committed a crime but the Millers asked the court to balance the competing rights of membership and occupants and decide whether the directly to play crickinfo was much less or more crucial than the Miller's right to appreciate their backyard.

While criminal and civil laws and regulations are different, the task used to make them is essentially the same. In the past law was the result of custom made, tradition and common sense. By simply 1250 these laws of England was compiled and...

References: Miller v Knutson [1977] QB 966

Child killingilligal baby killing Act 1967

Health and Security at Work etc . Act mid 1970s

Working Period Directive 93/104/EC

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