Underhanded Practices and Behaviors in Accounting

 Unethical Procedures and Actions in Accounting Essay

Unethical Practice and Behaiors in Accounting

Byron Nelson

February 11, 2013


U. Peter Wueger

College or university of Phoenix


Underhanded practices and behaviors in accounting can be attributed to many different circumstances. Greed, opprotunity, disconnection, and lack of knowledge can be said to be the primary basic issues at the rear of these procedures. In an effort to stop these practices former U. S. Senator Paul Sarbanes and former U. S. epresenative Eileen Oxley drafter legislation that was inacted into law known as the Sarbanes-Oxley Act to set standards for companies in the U. S i9000. to operate. Root Causes

Avarice, the desire to have got or get hold of more than other folks an virtually any cost. Avarice has brought on many in any other case honest individuals to break legislation or to act in underhanded ways. Accounting can deal with large amounts of monies and complex meathods for checking. Some people cannot resist the opprotunity to eliminate or hide somes of monies through their accounting practices. Once persons are involved in marginal procedures it can result in a disconnect in their convinced that could lead to unethical practices. An individuals ignorance in regards to what is or is not ethical can cause practices and behaviors which can be unethical or perhaps illegal (Xaxx, 2013). Sarnanes-Oxley Act

The Sarbanes-Oxley Work has not just effected corporations operating inside the U. S. but several other countries have adopted pretender legislation altering companies functioning within their edges. The legislation has increased the interaction between the professionals of firms and those fees with the oversite of their accounting practices to make certain companie complying with legal guidelines (Amato, 2012). Summary

Although there are many factors behind unethical practices and behavior most can easily fall into the four roots causes, greed, opprotunity, disconnect, and lack of knowledge. Today regulations have arranged standards that companies need to operate inside making the leaders of companies given the task of these...

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