Are You Ready Shoes 1

 Are You Ready Footwear 1 Dissertation

Are You Ready, Boot styles?

1) Write a summary

The shortstory „ Do you want, Boots? " is written by Maggie Alderson and it´s about the young woman Lulu´s live. One day on the four day trip to Nyc with her pals Gradzino and Betty, Lulu is definitely thrilled by the thougt that these Manolos shoes can be hers. Black knees heels, 60 % away and her size! The girl try the boots and feels wonderful, beautyful, totally alluring. She feels such as a Bond lady. She examines the mirror an believes how good the boots make her look. They will seem to extend and slenderise her lower limbs. Lulu can´t resist. The lady must have theese boots! But they are still lying down unworn underneath the bed six month after. She has a too bad conscience that she not even trust to look at them. However , at Spencer´s suggestion the girl wear boots to kick off of a new restaurant in Mayfair, a London district. And the girl meets her future man. Charlie March-Edwards. He is goodlooking with a great job and drives a Porsche. Initially of the marriage he was amazing, he seemed to understand how all of it works, nevertheless after a whilst Lulu begins to notice that he can a bit too uninteresting for her. Things gets to irritate her. Yet she acceptet the marriage however when the lady see the large diamond. The same night the top question was popped they will eat to be able to dinner. As being a joke Lulu dresses himself in the same clothes this lady has been using the night that they has seen each other initially. Charlies respons: He feels these footwear are awful and says that they nearly put him of her the night they will met. It gives her a reality check, suddenly she can easily see the bigoted bore in the handsome external and starts walking with her wonderful, kinky boots. Away from him.

2)Characterize the primary character Lulu

- she actually is about over 20 years old, lives in London (? )

-- takes care of her appearance ( ( France Manicure ) p. almost 8, ll. seventy ) - cracks humor out of the minute together with Gradzino

- is usually spontaneous

- have not so much money

-- likes kinky shoes –...

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