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Rena Mototani

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Effects of pH on the Function of Catalase

Rena Mototani

Problem: How can the ph level of a cell affect the function of the chemical catalase? Intro

In this research laboratory, we played around with the effects of ph level on the function of the chemical catalase. Catalase is a great enzyme that brings about the reaction by which hydrogen peroxide is usually decomposed to water and oxygen (Encyclopedia Britannica). The chemical reaction can be shown because 2H2O2 = 2H2O & O2 (Keilin and Hartree 397). The response involves primarily the adsorption of hydrogen peroxide at the catalase surface area. The decomposition of hydrogen peroxide simply by catalase is certainly involving two reactions, namely, the catalytic decomposition of hydrogen peroxide, which is a optimum at the optimum pH 6. 8 to 7. 0, and the " induced inactivation" of catalase by the o2 produced by the hydrogen peroxide and still sticking with the catalase surface (Williams). This is a chemical reaction commonly seen in the hard working liver, as the catalase stops working these hazardous chemicals through this process.

Catalase, again is a common enzyme present in nearly all living organisms mostly in the hard working liver, where this functions to catalyze the decomposition of hydrogen peroxide to normal water and o2 ( With this lab this kind of catalase utilized to break down the hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide is actually a colorless substance with the method H2O2 and it is the simplest peroxide. A solution that contain more than 8% of this is usually corrosive to the skin (Encyclopedia Britannica). Salt hydroxide, or NaOH can be described as manufactured substance that is a bottom and present in several home cleaning products ( From this lab we all use 0. 1M and 0. 5M of this solution which is 13pH and 13. 7pH (Helmenstine). On the other hand, hydrochloric acid is definitely an acidity used in the production of chlorides, fertilizers, and dyes, in electroplating, and in the photo taking, textile, and rubber industrial sectors. � Hydrochloric acid can be corrosive to the eyes, epidermis, and mucous membranes ( In this research laboratory we use 0. 1M and 0. 5M of the solution which is 0. 3pH and 0. 1pH (Helmenstine). Finally, drinking water, H2O is a substance all organisms have to survive and it has the pH of seven (

For this try things out, I will evaluation the effects of ph level levels of skin cells on the function of catalase by testing the amount of oxygen bubbles shaped after hydrogen peroxide can be added to a 1cm³ bit of potato that is certainly soaked in different types of solutions. I predict that if the spud has a natural pH (close to 7), then the function of catalase will be at its maximum capability because our systems have a neutral pH and our livers, that have catalase, job perfectly fine even in these circumstances. This study is worth chasing because catalase helps in the breaking down harmful chemicals including hydrogen peroxide into unharmful substances just like water and oxygen and if we are able to find out the environment by which catalase works best, we can even more our knowledge on catalase and possibly detoxify substances which can be severely dangerous, in the future. Scientists can possibly detox substances such as lead the industry major contaminant to us, with the help of digestive enzymes, after we all uncover more details on catalase.


your five labeled test tubes

Termes conseilles

Test tube rack

Mixing rod


Mortar and pestle


Cutting panel

Hydrogen peroxide

0. 5M Hydrochloric Acidity (HCl)

0. 1M Hydrochloric Acid (HCl)

0. 5M Sodium Hydroxide (NaCl)

zero. 1M Sodium Hydroxide (NaCl)

Water (H2O)



1 . ) Label the 5 evaluation tubes 1-5

2 . ) Cut the potato which has a knife on the cutting table into five 1 cm³ pieces. 3. ) Have one of the potato cubes and crush it into a soft state with all the mortar and pestle. 5. ) Using a scoopula, have all of the mushed potato and put it in test conduit 1 your five. ) Set the stopwatch for 45...

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The Rockefeller School Press

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