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Employment At Will Doctrine

LOWER LEG 500 – Law, Integrity, and Corporate Governance

Fancy Petagaye

Strayer School – Doral Campus

Luis A. Zapata

July 21st 2012


As a supervisor and director of an accounting department, go over the following issues related to the employment-at-will doctrine and legal responsibility of an workplace based on activities and replies to the employee's behavior and actions. Jennifer, a recent graduate student, has recently been hired from your accounting company out of college. Upon being hired, your woman engages in several different behaviors that want your attention. 1 . Identify what steps you would decide to use address the following scenario including skills, proficiency, and skills: The employee seems to be unable to understand computer applications that are simple to her task responsibilities, but , consistently " tells” her boss that she is " a good worker and a genius” and does not " appreciate her”. Even after having a few months of training and support, she is unable to use the laptop tools being productive and efficient in completing the required tasks. In respect the Labor Contract Legislation (LCL), the employer has the requirement to inform employee regarding location of employment, required position, occupational hazards, and so forth and the Worker has the requirement of to share with the true explanation of skills related to efficiency of agreement. Additionally the Workplace of Workers Management (OPM) in their guidelines document says that it is essential to have drafted and formal procedures that allows to choosing disciplinary action for worker conduct sporadic with " Antidiscrimination Laws” and " Whistleblower Security Laws” because those conditions are described in 5 Code of Federal Polices 724. 102. First I might have utilized immediately the Discipline Procedure Policy from the company to lie in the capabilities. Next these plans and types of procedures as soon as I recently came across that...

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