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Environmental Issues

An environmental challenge occurs when a factor in the environment makes it difficult for individuals to live in some area. There have been problems for civilizations to overcome due to geography. Geographic features may be environmental difficulties, but cultures can defeat them. The Aztecs in Lake Texcoco and the Andes Mountains and the Incas had been two civilizations who changed their environmental challenges.

The Aztecs had many environmental features due to the fact that their negotiation was in Tenochtitlan. Tenochtitlan was a city in which the Gods with this polytheistic world told them they must settle. Tenochtitlan is definitely an tropical isle in the middle of Pond Texcoco. This kind of created environmental challenges pertaining to the Aztecs. The Aztecs had to build a large world with this kind of island that had limited space. These individuals needed a lot of space to plantation, but there were very minimal space to do this. In the event that there was very little farmland, it would lead to a restricted supply of foodstuff. There was the limited volume of fresh water. Freshwater was necessary as the Aztecs required clean, fresh water to drink. Seeing that Tenochtitlan was an island in the middle of a lake, there were only a great deal water in which they may actually drink because half the lake contained salt water. Limited trade and travelling made it hard to get off this island then and be in contact with other people. Aztec civilization was also in need of people intended for human sacrifices. They did not want to destroy their own persons so that they needed to find a way to log off the island and out of Lake Texcoco.

The Aztec civilization changed its environmental challenges. Since their civilization was about Tenochtitlan, a great island, in Lake Texcoco, there was limited travel and trade. To overcome this kind of challenge, Aztecs built waterways and causeways. A causeway is simply a highway that is built over drinking water and wet land. This allowed the individuals to move away from Tenochtitlan and onto regular land in which they could...

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