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Emirates Telecommunication Corporation was established in 1976. It was owned by sharing among international Aeradio Limited, an english Company and native partners. In 1983 Etisalat was totally owned by the U. A. E authorities (60%) and U. A. E individuals (40 %). This combination between public and private sector built the organization moved quickly toward the present day countries in telecommunication domains.

In 1991 the us government issued law number (1), which offered the corporation the justification to provide the telecommunication wire and wireless solutions in the country and between U. A. E and other countries. It also provided the company right to concern the permits to own or perhaps import or manufacture or use or perhaps operate telecommunication equipment. The laws can provide for developing and renewing the telecommunication fields and data services.

The Policy of Work

Since Etisalat was established no one can deny which the work is organized and supported by very good planing, an effective staff who may have experience and skills, and good quality of goods.

Interesting Details

в–Ў In the U. A. At the there are even more mobile cell phone users than Belgium. в–Ў In 1994 the company had more than 28 exchange lines per 75 residents compared to other Arab countries, which in turn had an normal of 4 lines per 100 citizens. в–Ў In U. A. E there are more general public telephones than New Zealand and more telex lines than Ireland. That is with a smaller population than any of these countries.

Etisalat Functionality

The corporation has continued developing telecommunication network in U. A. E and between the U. A. E plus the other countries. The organization started entering excessive technology to expand the network over market growth to provide broadband and top quality of providers in all telecommunication fields and data services. Etisalat has some essential achievements here area some of them.

The increase of Exchange lines from thirty six, 000 in 1976 to more than 737, 000 98. The profit...

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