Feasibility Examine

 Essay in Feasibility Study

Aspects of Feasibility Study

Business and Management Aspect- This aspect includes a study of officers and key employees, basic considerations in building the organizations, form of possession, organizational graph, and project schedule.

Marketing Aspect- This feature considered as the lifeblood of virtually all task feasibility studies. This feature includes the following topics: require, supply, demand and supply difference analysis, program and expected sales.

Specialized Aspect- Following having determined the market size and area, product require and progress, the potential and technical feasibility of a task may be assessed.

Financial Aspect- This aspect of the task feasibility research quantifies the results from the marketing, specialized, management, taxation and legal phases in the project analyze, and expresses the conceivable outcome of operating the project.

Socio-Economic Aspect- This kind of aspect focuses on the wellbeing of the owners and others than simply for the wealth or power of the proprietor.

The Normal Series of Joining with the distinct government agencies. 1 . )Securities and Exchange Percentage (SEC)

2 . )Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR)

a few. )Local Government Unit (LGU)

4. )Social Security System (SSS)

Social and Economic Efforts of Entrepreneurship

1 . )Entrepreneurship creates employment.

2 . )Entrepreneurship Improves the caliber of life

several. )Entrepreneurship leads to more equitable distribution of income taxes and so eases cultural unrest. some. )Entrepreneurship utilizes and mobilizes resources for higher national productivity. 5. )Entrepreneurship brings social benefits throughout the government.

Management- is a specific process of organizing, organizing, staffing, directing, and controlling, performed to determine and accomplish stated objectives by using human being and other business resources.

Planning- identifies formulation of Objectives, programs, policies, types of procedures, rules and...

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