Financial Rate Analysis of Landry's Restaurants

 Financial Percentage Analysis of Landry’s Restaurants Essay

Earnings every Share

(Earnings per discuss = Net gain / Weighed Average Common Shares Outstanding)

Earnings per share measures the amount of net gain earned on each share of common stock, a very important dimension, that the shareholders of a firm's stock like to see well-known upward. (NetMBA. com, 2007) Return upon Assets

(Return on Possessions = Net Income / Common Assets)

Returning on Possessions is a way of measuring of the general profitability of your firm. It measures the speed of return on each dollars invested in property. (NetMBA. com, 2007) Just like be seen by the return on asset percentages for Landry's, the company invested less of your budget in 2003 in its advantage base than it used 2002. Current Ratio

(Current Ratio sama dengan Current Assets / Current Liabilities)

Fluid ratios, like the current proportion, provide details about a business's ability to meet its small amount of time financial obligations. Immediate creditors seek a high current ratio via prospective clients mainly because it reduces all their risk. For investors within a company, just like shareholders, a lesser ratio is usually sought, in order that more of a business assets work to increase the business. (NetMBA. com, 2007) Times Curiosity Earned

(Times Interest Gained =

(Income Prior to Income Taxes & Interest Expense) / Fascination Expense)

The days interest gained ratio procedures a industry’s ability to meet interest payments because they become due. (NetMBA. com, 2007) Because of the increasing volume of long term debt responsibilities that Landry's has been carrying from 2002 to 2003, the company's capacity to meet the associated interest expenditures been having from 2002 to 2003, the company's capacity to meet the affiliated interest bills has also decreased. Asset Proceeds

(Asset Turnover Ratio = Net Revenue / Average Assets)

Advantage turnover steps how successfully a company uses its property to create revenue (NetMBA. com, 2007). From your calculated asset turnover percentages for the fiscal years 2002 and 2003, Landry has managed its efficiency at using its assets to...

References: NetMBA. com. (2007). Finance: Economic Ratios. Recovered February 6, 2010 from

Phillips, F., Libby, R

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