Guide for Job Finance

 Check List pertaining to Project Finance Essay


Project Finance

Information essential

1 . Quick description of each and every project recruit: company background, establishment day, legal type, ownership, subsidiaries, core activities. Data in sponsor's encounter in the sponsor country and the project's industry. Reason of how the project pertains to the sponsor's strategic direction/goals.

2 . Gross annual reports with the past 3 years for every project sponsor. Additional requirements in the case of project fund for actions in existing plants: detailed structured data for the past 3 years and costs for the next five years in revenues (including a breakdown of export vs . domestic foreign currency revenues in the event that any, to get countries with non-convertible forex; revenue mix by buyer, country, and product) and expenses (in detail; in the case of nonconvertible values, these have to be grouped separately).

3. Brief summary of the project concerned, including name, area, purpose, efficiency form, ownership, equity, reliability structure, position of licenses/approvals, local partners, marketing and division, financing.

5. Brief characterisation of the role of the sponsor country. Intended for projects with currencies that are not completely freely convertible: explanation of the measures to avoid convertibility and transfer risk (including escrow accounts).

5. Schematic representation of the contract composition and the significant existing or intended contractual relationships and security.

6th. List of recommendations of the standard contractor and/or most important suppliers as far as regarded; list of references of similar projects to document the proven scientific feasibility as well as the experience inside the sector and host region.

7. Information about operator/management firm: Company record, ownership, key activities, list of references, paperwork of relevant knowledge in industry and number country.

almost 8. Independent feasibility study credit reporting on the...

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