High Quality Assistance

 High Quality Support Essay

Chapter a couple of, 6th male impotence. Be the Manager: How to Manage a Hotel

You have been called in to suggest the owners of an distinctive new high-class hotel. Pertaining to the enterprise to succeed, lodge employees need to focus on providing customers while using highest quality customer service possible. The process is to formulate a way of managing and handling employees that could promote top quality service that may encourage employees to be focused on the resort, and that will decrease the level of worker turnover and absenteeism—which are normally high in the hotel business.


1 . How do the different theories of management discussed in this chapter offer hints for organising and controlling hotel staff?

Controlling you would probably control in case the employees reach the objective

of a high quality service rather than the numbers how many

clients will stay within your Hotel, would they like their casing

and service.

Organising you would place the employees in different areas like employees they may have strength in cooking you can expect to put them in the kitchen and other employees who can get in touch with people you would probably put in something area wherever they have towork with people.

2 . Which parts (theories or categories of theories) would be the most crucial of an powerful system to organize and control employees

In my opinion I would use the X-Y Theory because here you could have the opportunity since the Administrator to see if I must motivate my personal employees even more, or have I to make harder rules that people will have an exceptional service ( X Theory)

On the other hand you also will discover as a Manager when your personnel doing a realistic alternative and you will have a high quality upon service in this article as a Director you can allow work employees by themselves, will give them new exercises and encourage employees I think this kind of Theory also reduce the proceeds because in each way you stimulate the employees.

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