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Lately, an increasing number of famous scandals result in public concerns about deceptiveness and scams in multi-national corporations (MNCs) and a subsequent demand for improved business ethics and greater business responsibility (Ferrell, Fraedrich and Ferrell 2013, p. 8). According to Ferrell (2013), the ability to recognize and handle complex business ethics problems has become a significant priority in the 21st-century companies.

Ferrell (2008) stated that business values comprises the guidelines and standards that guidebook behaviours in the world of business, which regularly determine whether a specific action is right or perhaps wrong, ethical or dishonest.

From a historical point of view, the first knowledge of organization ethics started 750 years ago, however , it looks a opinion that the business ethics principles had not been widespread before the 1970s (McMahon 2002). Business was firstly defined in a formal way in US during the 1970s. The interest running a business ethics has dramatically accelerated in the last two decades of last century and it was in that period that business values concepts were firstly brought to Europe and Asia. Lately, more sophisticated ideas of business ethics, such as corporate cultural responsibility (CSR), is being examined among MNCs. It is generally accepted that business values concept continues to be divided into three strands. The first follicle, described by DeGeorge (2005) as ethics-in-business, was this is the long tradition of applying ethical best practice rules to business. It has been used on all other parts of life, and this was developed just before 1960s. DeGeorge (2005) stated that the second strand was the development of educational field of business integrity, which is more critical and descriptive that happened between 1970s and 1985. The very last strand, which has been after 85, is ‘the adoption of ethics or at least the trappings of integrity in businesses' which generally deals with business practise and its particular social responsibility (DeGeorge 2005).

With respect to a MNC, the relation among its monetary performance and ethical values, especially the social overall performance, has considerably developed after some time. Friedman (1970) held that managers' simply responsibility is usually to increase shareholder's wealth, which is still widely accepted today in some MNCs. Nevertheless , Friedman's perception was mainly questioned simply by public with an increasing number of corporate and business scandals, including Enron (Chand 2006). Unlike this, Freeman (1994) argued that managers have a fiduciary responsibility to all stakeholders not just to shareholders. He believed the fact that success of your organization is determined by how the firm manages the relationship with its key organizations, including both shareholders and customers, staff, even areas or communities. Freeman's theory is currently more acceptable and this was confirmed by a examine conducted by Sighns (2012) study arising for the purpose to create a balance among ethical ideals in MNCs and earnings. They centered on 10 important ethical principles for business achievement, including credibility, integrity, responsibility, quality, trust, respect, teamwork, leadership, corporate and business citizenship and shareholder worth. Positive romantic relationship was identified between values and profit. In detail, business ethics help to improve productivity, earnings and public image of a worldwide corporation, plus they are also successful to achieve environmentally friendly development of a company. More importantly, just with the help of business ethics may businesses maintain the highest regular of behavior for the advantage of industry, employees, customers and society. Apart from bringing revenue for the business itself, the practice of business integrity is beneficial to locals. The concept of fair operate takes a vital part in here. FINE (1998) identifies fair operate as a trading partnership, based upon dialogue, openness, and esteem, that looks for...

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