Hr Planning of Employee Relationship in Hanjin Heavey Sector

 Hr Organizing of Worker Relationship in Hanjin Heavey Industry Composition

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HR Planning of Employee Romantic relationship in HanJin Heavey Market

Module Subject: Management Study

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1 . Launch ---------------------------------------------------pg. 3-4

1-1 History of Company --------------------------------pg. 3

1-2 Research Title, Queries and Goals -------------pg. 3-4

2 . Books Review --------------------------------------------pg. 4-6

2-1 Introduction ------------------------------------------------pg. 4

2-2 Looking for the tips for Staff Relationship -----pg. 4

2-3 Point of Relationship Building at Office ---------pg. 4-5

2-4 Outline of Staff Engagement ----------------------pg. 5-6

2-5 Conclusion -------------------------------------------------pg. 6

3. Reference--------------------------------------------------------pg. six

1 . Launch

1-1 Qualifications of the firm

HanJin weighty industry is usually top 5 heavy industry firm in Korea. It is very famous in the shipbuilding industry intended for heavy market and structure. Since 1937, when it was first founded while Korea's firs shipbuilder, Hanjin heavy industrial sectors and development has led Korea's economic expansion for seventy years by taking advantage of a variety of industries which include shipping, machines and building. Through a spirit of creation and concern to accomplish various " first-in-Korea” records, Hanjin Heavy industrial sectors and structure has continued its steady growth and continuous enlargement of their business areas both at your home and overseas. In addition , the business has been powerful in the business in Korea and overseas. And Hanjin weighty industry can be honored to receive ‘Ship of the Year' for about 2 decades in a line. It is by Naval Designers in the United Kindom, which can be one of the world's top three shipbuilding & shipping periodicals. They have biggest shipyard in Philippines. Hanjin heavy companies and structure is the seventy years voyage in creative imagination has been packed with challenges and achievements even as we spearheaded advancements in the global shipbuilding sector. In 2011, they may have some problem in organization, that problems between employees and organization. The business build up fresh shipyard in Philippines. Numerous executive administration and technicians of a business go to Israel. My father likewise go coming from Korea to Philippines for work. The Hanjin heavy industry did start to focus on Philippines's shipyard around that time too. The company considered to be of no accounts in Korea shipyard actually Korea dockyard was headquarter shipyard. A total of 1, 1000 workers have already been made repetitive. Also Philippines's factory has a few Korean language workers. In the company situation, labor costs are very substantial for Korean workers, on the other hand, it is less expensive Filipino staff. The company wished get revenue are substantial from labor costs. My dad said, it can be serious problem with this company. They will doesn't need negotiation with employees. They will focus on only make income high 1-2 Research Subject, Question and Objectives.

Analysis Title: HR Planning of Employee Relationship in Hanjin Heavy Sector Research Issue: How can the corporation HR management make benefits for workers. Research Goals:

1 . Trying to find tips of employee romantic relationship

2 . Level of romance building for workplace.

3. Outline of employee engagement.

2 . Literature Review

2-1 Introduction

At present, the problem comes up lots of firm. We need find out why comes trouble among organization and workers. I select this theme for handle happen of company. Mainly, employee marriage is most important matters in my opinion. Therefore i write down about employee relationship deeply. 2-2 Looking for suggestions of staff relationship

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