Instructional Components

 Instructional Supplies Essay

I. Goals

* It can be expected that the pupils are able to:

1 . Identify the different means of transportation

2 . Describe each mode of transportation

several. Be aware of the transportation inside our community

some. Sing a song titled " You Drive. ”

II. Subject Matter


Theme: " Method of Transportation”

3. Materials

Chalk and Panel, Pictures

IV. Procedure

Teacher's Activity| Present student's Activity

A. MotivationGood Morning, Children! Let us first start with a prayer. In the name of the father… Septante. Before you sit down let us sing the song eligible: " You Drive. ”Here it goes…Drive, drive, travel your carDrive down the streetMerrily, merrily, merrily, merrilyLife is such a treat! Fine. Very very good! Take the seats kids. B. PresentationToday we can talk about the means of Vehicles. (Teacher creates " Way of transportation” around the board)Do do you know what transportation can be? Transportation is actually we take every day. Transportation offers to the spots we goes to. Transport helps all of us to get to the places we are heading within an easy and fast way. C. DiscussionWe have sufficient means of transportations that we could use. -The Area Transportation; -The Air Vehicles; and-The Drinking water TransportationFirst may be the land vehicles. Do you know the different types of land transportation? Can you give some? Extremely good! Those are some means of area transportation. Now I'll teach you the different varieties of land travel: We have the… Very Great! * The bus may accommodate various people. It might drive you to school or distinct provinces. We also have the…Very Good! 5. The 4x4 can take you to places you should go to, but in limited areas only. Subsequent is the…Very Good! 5. The cab is a tiny kind of travel that is air-conditioned. Next can be the…Very Great! * The bicycle is a two wheeled vehicle that uses man-force. And we also provide the…Very Good! * The motorcycle is also a two wheeled car but it posseses an engine. We will...

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