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Trevor Mclaren 2774719 tcm394

Jan Villamoran 3475177 jfv888

Xiaodong Huang 3524310 xh695

Tianliang Zeng 3902225 tz779

Table of Contents


Table of Contents3

Company Background5

Reasons behind Policies and Procedures6





Plans Monitoring Policy8


Security – Gain access to Control policy12

Employment Policies13

Policy of Family Medical Leave14





Protection – Gain access to Control Procedure19


Absent leave Procedure22

Family Leave Procedure22


Overview of Security Items26

Security – Desktop Background26

Collateral – Video for new employees outlining Monitoring Policy and Procedure28

Monitoring Policy and Procedure Informational Video28

Outsourcing techniques Information Video28


Business Background

Web Design Corp was formed in 2009 by simply Xiaodong Huang and recruited Jan Villamoran, Trevor Mclaren and Tianliang Zeng since programmers. This small very humble firm presented services pertaining to local businesses in the place. It quickly gained positive feedback and excellent standing causing the firm to expand and increasing services in other states. Their very own client base grew in size compelling the organization to delegate majority of the work and hiring even more personnel. In 2012 Web Design Corp now catches the interest of small businesses to big corporation in building local websites and corporate websites.

Reasons behind Policies and Procedures


A monitoring Policy is required to help ensure compliance with laws, code, regulations and government requirements. Our Procedures will help us to achieve our business goals and support our beliefs and reduce the amount of hazards we are subjected to.


Email has been ground-breaking in the world of business communication since information is usually quickly approved along with instantaneous productivity and success. Employees can easily access information from your computer, phone or PDA nearly anywhere, and so are the company's current and customers. The use of email within a business can greatly increase output for employees and is a quick approach to increase sales as well. More companies are using email marketing communications as part of the promoting mix to communicate and interact with its target markets. As a professional web design business, Although it are unable to and should certainly not replace all face-to-face connection and others varieties of communication, inner email use can cover many areas within the organization. Internal email messages can function because an effective communication for writing basic information, such as new product prices, conventional paper use rules or security precautions, for example. Sending basic messages to a entire workforce with just the click of the mouse can be fast, convenient, convenient and will save the company money. In the event that saved, the email can function since proof of a note sent or received, and is easily accessible to remind the recipient of important information. Many businesses use email as part of its marketing initiatives to share information with prospective customers, customers, and vendors. Due to the function of email use in company and customer, email security of issue-specific protection policy be and more significant. Because it is necessary to pay attention to email security and prevent hackers make use of network weakness to steal business confidential data. Outsourcing

Web Design Corp. outsources some of its work, for this reason firm becoming bigger and gaining new customers. Depending on clients on the actual need or perhaps want to be created, we outsource the work specifically based on the client's instructions. These instructions will then be assessed and the task is then outsourced to the best relevant service provider. The project will have limitations such as time and cost. Once the project have been complete, it returns to Web Design Corp. for research, basing this on the clients'...

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