Kitchen Paperwork

 Kitchen Remarks Essay

" Kitchen” Notes

Traditional Context- Tokyo in the 1980's:

* Populace: over 8 million persons

* One of the expensive towns in the world to have

* Crowded, with filled living conditions

2. Industrial economic climate with reliability upon exportation of autos and consumer electronics to the Western world Characters:

5. Mikage Sakurai- protagonist and narrator

* Yuichi Tanabe- young man whom befriends Mikage (love interest) * Sensei- cooking tutor

* Sotaro- Mikage's outdated boyfriend

5. Eriko- Yuichi's mother/father (referred to while mother) 2. Okuno- Yuichi's girlfriend by school

5. Chika- transsexual " girl” at Eriko's club

2. Kuri- works together with Mikage and Nori in the cooking institution

* Nori- " correct young lady” at the preparing food school

Ethnic changes:

* In Japan, Yoshimoto's generation is known as the shinjinrui, a technology that has adult in a rich, technological society exposed to American values. After World War II, american ideas and a free market changed a much more traditional-minded The japanese. * Before World War II women were socially and economically subordinate to men and marriages were arranged by families. * At the turn of the last 100 years, women would not have the directly to ask for the divorce. By the mid-1980's more women recorded for divorce than men in Asia. * The novel as an art form is usually new (imported from The european union in the late 1800's) * Tanizaki Junichiro wrote in 1932 that European literature liberated the concept of love for the Japanese. The idea of relationship changed from an economic layout to a passionate possibility between two people. Dining rooms:

5. A few generations ago, food preparation was deemed a lower course occupation. 2. By the mid-1980's, it had turn into a respectful job as well as a creative art form. * The kitchen has become a show off of client wealth

Male or female role improvements:

* A favorite theater organization for Japanese people girls is definitely the Takaruzuka, through which an all-female cast acts out jobs of both women and men...

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