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Qusestion 1 )

A convenience store chain endeavors to be receptive and provide customers what they will need, when they want it, where they need it, whenever they need it. What are some different ways that a comfort store supply chain can be responsive? What are some risks in each case?

Yet another way

A: I do think, they can consider about " who need it”.

That means they need to consider about customer's age ranges. When kids want to buy gadget at comfort store, store can make children's corner. Also when ladies want to buy makeup products and jewelries at presently there, they can make women's part.



- The chance for " what they will need it” is the fact product may be bad. For example , when people would like to get many Mak-geol-ri in ease store momentary, store has to prepare many Mak-geol-ri. However , if persons do not buy Mak-geol-ri any more like prior to, it going to be sour. In this case, shop has to dump it. Because fresh Mak-geol-ri's expired particular date is very brief.

The risk pertaining to " when they need it” is that store has to spend extra labour cost. A few assume that an individual operate comfort store at countryside a day. If there was few buyers between 12 and 6 am, the particular owner has to spend more labour cost than earnings.

The chance for " where they need it” is the fact store will make a reduction. If an individual runs convenience store in small Isle, they can't obtain profit. Because if there are small human population in there, client can be small. In this reason, they can't acquire profit.

Raise the risk for " who need it” is that store has to worry about specialized shop. If retail outlet sell plaything at shop, it could be more pricey than particular store. The moment there is a less costly store regionally, parents will go to right now there because they are cheaper.

Question a couple of

Seven Eleven's supply chain strategy in Japan can be defined as attempting to micro-match supply and demand employing rapid renewal. What are some risks linked to this decision?

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