Law Enforcement

 Law Enforcement Dissertation


Marietta Police Office

Ashley Adams

American Intercontinental University


A law enforcement officials organization is built to serve the community. To make the community a safe place for its people to live. A law enforcement business is made from the agency size, degree of specialization, the beliefs and management chosen, the and needs in the community and the political circumstance of the section. For this paper I will be providing an brief explanation of the traditional development of the Marietta Law enforcement officials department. Let me give the objective statement in the department and tell the way the mission is definitely accomplished. Lastly in this conventional paper I will cover the changes, in the event that any, We would make to the organization. Early History of Marietta

In 1833 nearly 90 people settled in the area of Marietta. The region was known as in the prize of Judge Thomas Willis Cobb, Atlanta Congressman, U. S Senator and later a judge in the Ocmulgee Routine of the Outstanding Court. Marietta's first court hosue was integrated 1834. By the mid-1830s, a number of ferries started transporting persons and animals across the Chattahoochee. By the mid-1840s, Marietta got more than one particular, 500 occupants. The town was growing quickly but that came to a non permanent stop thanks to the Civil Conflict. The court hosue and region records were destroyed, thanks to General Sherman's troops. His troops used up every open public building inside the Marietta's area square (City-Data. com, 2009).

After the Detrimental war, recovery was slow for Marietta, just like any other section of the South. By 1860s the location was beginning prosper. Online businesses were relocating and the town was attracting visitors. In the 1870s a brand new jail and courthouse were built. Quickly forward to 2013, Marietta is definitely Georgia's third largest county and growing (City-Data. com, 2009). The Department

The Marietta Law enforcement Department can be described as fully approved police firm that will serve more than sixty two, 000 houses and businesses with a 23-square-mile police...

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