Management decisions

 Management decisions Essay


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Management Decisionsp, 2 - 3

Strategic p, 2

Tacticalp, 2

Operationalp, 2

Structured and unstructuredp, 3

The choice Making processp, 3-4

Ordre Modelp, a few

Descriptive Modelp, 3, some

Factors Affecting Decision Makingp, 5

Inner Factors

Exterior Factors

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Paragon can be described as decentralized business as it offers relatively handful of layers of management, with few centralized policies and procedures. The lack of management framework within the enterprise has led to a haphazard and unstructured method of decision-making. Ideal decisions happen to be being made simply by departments and are failing to consider the needs of others. Counterproductive decisions are being created in relation to the ongoing future of the business. To be able to help Paragon to understand the main fundamentals of decision making, and apply it for their company this report will be looking at different types of management buildings, explaining the choice making process, and reviewing the interior and external factors that could have an impact for the decision making of the organisation. Managing decisions

There are different degrees of decision making during an organisation, such as strategic, technical and detailed. (Appendix 1) Strategic decision-making determines the goals and purpose of a complete organisation, and is also concerned with the long-term overall direction. These types of decisions are typically the responsibility of top supervision. Decisions as of this level impact how a business will relate to external surroundings. These types of decisions are normally not so specific because they must be applied to all amounts in an organisation. For Example an organized decision could possibly be to focus attempts on a new product or to increase production outcome. These types of decisions are often intricate and the effects uncertain because the availability info is often limited. (Montana. PJ, Charn ov. BH, 08, pg. 96) Tactical decision making focuses on even more intermediate-term problems, and is typically carried out by middle section managers, just like division or department managers. Rather then apply at the whole enterprise a technical decision may only apply to a single department. As of this level the purpose of the decisions made are to help approach the company nearer to reaching the ideal goal. Among the a technical decision would be picking a marketing agency in promoting a new item. (Montana. PJ, Charnov. BH, 2008, pg. 96) Operational decision making decides the decisions that concern the day to day operating of an organisation. These decisions are normally of the lower level managers or supervisors. The Decisions that are performed at this level help to ensure that daily activities proceed smoothly helping move a firm towards getting its ideal goal. These kinds of decisions handle the short-to medium- term matters and deal with component or elements of an enterprise. Examples of operational decisions contain scheduling workers and activities, purchasing recycleables needed for production, and managing employee issues. (chapter 1) Structured and unstructured decisions- In general a strategic decision can be unstructured, a tactical decision is semi-structured, and a great operational decision is methodized. In a structured decision the goals happen to be defined plus the factors impacting the decision as well as outcomes are known. The knowledge is readily available and controllable, and procedures are obvious. Decisions can be converted to a programme of actions; hence structured decisions are called programmable. The selecting process is a superb example; the method is already set up. Selecting one more head count may require several persuasion and justification, nevertheless the process to follow is described. (Stewart T, 2011) Unstructured decisions are the opposite; the results is uncertain, the required information and...

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