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Huge Exorcist -- Chapter you

Written By: Nurul Afiqah Alwi a. t. a Haruka

Genre: Illusion and Funny

Me: Please enjoy this 3 section story with extra chapters of brief romance ^^ Rei: Simply start already

Me: =___=

My name is Haruka and i also am 12-15 years old. I am an exorcist in Monster Exorcist Organisation. Now i'm actually continue to a newbie. In this whole world, there are two worlds. One is the human universe, while the various other is List Trail. Creatures from Monster Trail usually come into your world to destroy the property. They enter in this world simply using a magic group of friends. The magic group of friends is called 'Ale'. If individuals get dragged down into the magic circle, they will get wiped out. Exorcist are here to fight against them. Given that the explanation is completed, let's get into the story... 'Hey, Haruka! ' my spouse, Cath yelled. She has very long pink curly hair which are linked into cal king tails. she is 13 years old. 'Ah, cath.. oh, Rei is here as well, ' My spouse and i said. Rei is our mentor. inside the organisation, a mentor who receives a great exorcist marker must guide two beginner exorcist right up until they graduate. Rei features bandages around him like a mummy. Also, it is rumoured he's from an Arabian nation, or so. he also wields a green sword on his waist. he can currently two decades old. Some girls below have a crush about him. why? after this individual showers in the public bathtub, he won't wear his bandages. his face is fully shown. His face is kind of *cough* awesome. I how to start why this individual hides him self. 'Haruka, have you checked each of our group's list? ' Rei asked. 'Err, no Rei.. ' We replied. what he meant was mine and cath's test results rank. '1st rank: Meine person & Lyra'

'it seems the child prodigies are top rated again.. ' cath stated.

'Having Robert as their mentor and getting the top in the entrance examinations 2 years back, it's no wonder they are first' Rei stated. We then simply looked at the other end.

'Last: Haruka & Catherine'

'Rei.. we being last, is it your wrong doing? ' Specialists.

'No! really just that you were viewing anime on the night before the exams! ' Rei shouted '.... cath, it's your fault that you just dragged each of our grades down.. ' I actually said. 'Don't push the blame on me! I examined hard for it! You had been sleeping over the exams and so i had to waste materials my period waking you! ' Cath scolded. 'tsk.. I'll continue to work hard at the practical exam.. ' I stated

'you better! ' Rei said.

'it seems you guys will be last once again.. ' mike appeared and said. dr. murphy is the mentor of mich & Lyra. he has fruit hair and wear eyeglasses. he is quite popular among the ladies. he includes a large orange colored sword on his back. He's 22 years old. 'Try again next time! ' mich stated. she is one of many smartest along with Lyra. she has extended silky red hair and wears a great orange treasure earring onto her left headsets. 'Yup, I understand... Cath will go through successfully! ' Lyra teased. she has blue moderate length frizzy hair with a bows on the side. Mich and Lyra are 18 years old. Although they are wise, they hold off with dummies like us. suddenly, nikki, my blue baby monster, sat in the head. Tama, lyra's white-colored cat appeared and hopped onto her shoulder. that they both are tamed Monsters. 'hey, let's almost all eat lunch time together! ' I suggested.

they nodded and we going to the canteen.

While consuming, nikki let out a normal water breath and Rei acquired all damp. he got out a whip and i also said, ' REI! keep you dirty S i9000 items in your room! ' The rest chuckled.

'I'm no S! ' Rei replied.

'yeah, sure.. you're a great M.. ' I stated,

'You wanna fight?! ' Rei asked while standing.

'I'm happy to oblige! ' I explained, taking out an axe.

'stop it, you two! And in which did you get that axe! ' cath yelled. we both lay down. '.. urgh.. I find myself an Alcohol.. ' We said. a popular ability that we have is that I'm able to perception Ales. 'Where is it? ' Mike asked.

'the chairman's room' My spouse and i said.

'Eh? but he may be alright, right? ' mich asked.

'he Is definitely the chairman from the Exorcist.. ' Lyra stated.

'this alcohol.. lets out a strong list.. ' I actually said.

'why are all of us sitting down?! let's go! ' cath stated.

Monster Exorcist - Part 2

written by: Nurul Afiqah Alwi a. k. a Haruka

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