Mcdonald Swot

 Mcdonald Swot Essay

SWOT Analysis


McDonalds has built up large brand collateral and provides large market share. Strong name brand, image and reputation

McDonalds offers strong source chain to support their organization. Good creativity and product development.

Nutritional information of item available on product packaging The Burger king brand presents consumers decision, reasonable prices, top quality product and great assistance Strong global presence and performance in the global marketplace Large amounts of purchase have gone in to supporting it is franchise network. Loyal staff and good management team


Core product line out of collection with the tendency towards healthier lifestyles for all adults and children Quality concerns across the franchise network

High staff proceeds including leading management

Customer losses due to fierce competition

Legal actions related to health problems, use of trans fat and beef oil Opportunities

Joint ventures with retailers, including supermarkets

Consolidation of retailers probably, so better locations intended for franchisees Respond to sociable changes -- by development within healthy life style foods. Its move into hot baguettes and healthier snack foods (fruit) provides supported the new positioning. McDonald uses of CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT, database marketing to more accurately market to its consumer target organizations. It could determine likely clients and prevent company switching. Strengthen its benefit proposition and offering, to encourage buyers who visit caffeine shops into McDonalds. The new " formats”, McCafe, having Wi-fi internet links should aid in attracting segments. Also putting in children's play-parks and it focus on instructing consumers about health, fitness. Continued focus on corporate interpersonal responsibility, minimizing the impact on the environment and community entrave. International development into rising markets of China and India. Low cost menu that will attract the customers.


Health professionals and consumers activists...

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