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Trenton Thomas

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March 1st, 2010

Patrick Arnwine

Media Response Paper

The Haiti earthquake that occurred this past First month of the year 2010 was one of the destructive organic disasters in modern history. The six. 0 magnitude-quake destroyed regions of the Carribbean nation of nine , 000, 000 in Haiti, which is currently known as the weakest country inside the Western Hemisphere before the disaster. The Haitian government information between 217, 000 and 230, 000 deaths currently. The earthquake caused significant damage in surrounding areas and negotiations within the location, including Haiti's capital and largest city, Port-Au Prince which was still left largely ruined, devastated and sustained massive destruction. Many structures were also destroyed, including the local jail, hostipal wards, the usa president palace, and National Assemblage. A number of countries, notably the us, United Kingdom, Canada, and Brazil contributed large amounts of urgent relief help, provided medical staff, and security personnel to assist with crisis rescue and immediate medical attention. There was as well an overwhelming response from a large number of organizations, equally large and small coming from around the world to increase assist with pain relief efforts that help to orchestrate a humanitarian education response intended for the Haitian population. A little office in an Atlanta Initial Presbyterian Chapel, a nondenominational faith-based charity, collected donations of medical supplies to ship to one of the Haitian Islands (Sierrie, John 2010). This was one of several charity situations taking place everywhere over the nation. There were many mass media reactions for the catastrophic earthquake that occurred in Haiti this past year. Whether via websites, photos, videos, twitter, or any type of other kind of mass media, sounds would be heard from around the world. A large number of people have had the capacity to share their very own sentiments regarding the devastation utilizing social media channels, such as Twitter and blogging. Incredibly, this allowed many to follow along with...

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