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Transition and Implementation of CRM Salesforce Automation

Bureaucratic Applications of Info Technology—MIS 535

Devry School, Keller Graduate student School of Management

June 16, 2013

Table of Contents


Company Background3

Business Problems4

High-Level Solution5

Business/Technical Approach7

Business Procedure Changes8

Bottom line and General Recommendations9

High-Level Implementation Plan9

Summary of Project10



This proposal will talk about all essential aspects needed to ensure a seamless changeover and execution of an computerized sales force CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT, or Client Relationship Supervision, system. The intent with this transition was created to improve 3 key aspects of day to day commercial business functions, those important aspects are: Streamline period spent providing key revenue data and metrics for the organization, supply a consistent and standardized procedure for just how sales data is provided and obtained across the organization, and an easy to use and easy to navigate, main system. Company History

The company My spouse and i am deciding on to incorporate in this proposal is bioMérieux, who is a global leader in neuro-scientific in vitro diagnostics for more than 45 years. bioMérieux exists in more than 160 countries through 45 subsidiaries and a large network of vendors. In 2012, profits reached $1. 427 billion dollars with ?????? of revenue outside of Portugal, where the organization's corporate headquarters is located. bioMérieux provides analysis solutions (reagents, instruments, and software) which in turn determine the cause of disease and toxic contamination to improve individual health and make sure consumer safety. The primary use for bioMérieux' s items are used for figuring out infectious diseases and offering high medical value results for cancer screening and monitoring and cardiovascular disasters. They are also employed for detecting microorganisms in agri-food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic products. In the last twelve months, two strategic acquisitions were performed, helping to solidify the organization's position: in molecular diagnostics, with ARGENE, and in industrial microbiological control, with AES Laboratories. This second acquisition strengthened bioMérieux's global command position in industrial microbiology, making it number 1 in agri-food applications. Finally, the organization increased its merchandise portfolio by launching twenty-five new products, in both clinical and industrial applications, enriching their dedication to getting the world leader in, in vitro diagnostics and elevating their footprint in the specialized medical and industrial marketplace.

Organization Problems

As indicated in the company overview, bioMérieux, because an organization is definitely consistently expanding, not only domestically, but internationally as well, current additions of new organizations, through strategic purchases, the consistent launch of new products, as well as a global existence in more than 160 countries, there is a large amount of information that the organization must rely and capitalize about. In order for the organization to continue to become profitable, to stay to increase business and carry on and strive to be the world leader in in vitro analysis, key sales data, industry data and trends, and operational efficiencies must be substance and clear, not only to particular subsidiaries, yet globally as well. The healthcare market is no more a segmented market; costly evolving industry, even increasing into the rising countries. We come across many of the healthcare organizations we all partner with, constantly sharing their best practices, and utilizing thought leaders, both domestic and foreign. By simply sharing data, these healthcare organizations happen to be shaping the diagnostic end of the health-related world, going out of organizations, such as the one depicted in this pitch, playing cope up and trying to adapt and evolve...

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