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 Music Therapy Essay

Shauna Albert

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7 March, 2013

Music Therapy: Annotated Bibliography

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The research workers of the Division of Innovative Art by Drexel University or college in Phila., analyzed data from 1, 891 people taking part in 40 trails who were offered music or music therapy sessions. Researchers making the effort to figure out in the event patients playing pre-recorded music or patients working with music therapists could have a positive effect on mood, discomfort, and standard of living for the patients. They will find that music reduces anxiety compared to standard treatments. Also the outcomes implied that music increases patients' quality of life. In line with the research that was reviewed, both playing pre-recording music and individuals working with music therapists both have a positive end result. It is said by the analyzing the research that music may be useful as an additional treatment to people with cancer. This study backs and facilitates the topic of how music therapy reduces tension. L. Meters. Bohon and Hedon, C. " In the hospital Children's Feeling Differences During Play AndMusic Therapy”. Kid: Care, Wellness & Development 34. two (2008): 141-144.

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In this observational study, researchers are trying to deduce if by hospitals elevating the time music therapy for child patients' it will, become a way to improve positive effects, boost mental well- being in children, and physical well-being in clinic children instead of play remedy.. Many children have informed that they receive stressed during doctors' examinations, being separated from their family members, and discomfort. Researchers show that grinning is another way to imply confident moods. 62 children had been observed in both music or perhaps play and were viewed to see witch group smiled more. The researcher's speculation that more kids smile in music instead of play had been right. Even more children moved into the music area than the playroom. This study illustrates those tunes has a more positive effect on someone than play. This article was useful in the truth that it displays how that even though there are countless other treatments out there, music seems to be one which children would like. Both research argue that music is a more reliant approach to reduce anxiety; however , one particular offered music or music therapy as well as the other offered play or music. Melts away, Debra H, Renata B. Sledge, and Leigh Ann Fuller. " Cancer Patients' Interest And

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The author's discuss the reason why the absence of blending music therapy into medical care is because might be the patients are generally not comfortable with involvement. For that reason a report was made to measure cancer patients' interest in and preferences pertaining to using music-making and music listening. Personal factors just like anxiety, age, and dealing play a big part to point if the individuals wanted to listen to music or perhaps making music. 44% of chemotherapy individuals were considering listening to music and 17% were interested in making music. The study got shown just how younger sufferers preferred listening to music than making music. The result to that particular age could be related with the typical population. The author's explain how youthful people may listen to music more because thy employ music within their everyday lives, though they have not recently been tested. They find that a higher percentage of patients were interested in hearing music especially when they can decide on it out. This is certainly beneficial because the patients are helping themselves reduce pressure. Collingwood, Anne. " The strength of Music to minimize Stress. ” Psych Central, n. deb. Web.

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Mcdougal explains just how music has a tremendous effect on the mind and body. The girl goes on to describe how music benefits slowing down heart rate, lowering blood...

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