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2 . 0 Harley-Davidson's Introduction into India

2 . one particular Political Environment:

How India's Political & Economic environment influenced Harley-Davidson's technique. 2 . three or more Culture & Ethics:

Explanation of Harley-Davidson's taking care of of ethnical differences, plus the company's handling of ethical issues although breaking into India's market. installment payments on your 4 Comparative Advantage:

A discussion of absolute and comparative benefits and financial systems of scale. 2 . five Government Effect:

A discussion from the impact of tariffs in Harley-Davidson's strategy to enter India. 2 . six FDI Technique:

Factors explaning how India's FDI & Government policies influenced Harley-Davidson to enter India's market.

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" It's not the destination, it's the trip. ” The long-used motto of Harley-Davidson represents the American Desire. Harley-Davidson is recognized as a prime producer of heavyweight motorcycles in the United States. They are the most famous producer having a fan base that stretches all around the world. It all began in 1903, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA, the moment Bill Harley and Arthur Walter Davidson developed a one-cylinder bike which built in a small solid wood shed. Simply by 1905, they'd produced 11 motorcycles and were generating 154 by 1908. Different members in the Harley and Davidson households quickly became a member of the team. In 1909, they produced the 1000 CLOSED CIRCUIT V-Twin typically in use today. In 1917, one-third of all Harley's had been used to promote WWI conflict effort which will continued through WWII. Right at the end of the wars in 1945, 85, 000 Harleys had been offered to the WWI and WORLD WAR II efforts merged. In 1953, Harley's competition, Hendee Developing, went out of business. As a result, Harley-Davidson was your only American manufacturer of heavyweight motorcycles for the next 46 years. (Melief, Budgaard, & Hathaway, 2006 )

In 69, Harley combined with the American Machine and Foundry Business (AMF). Sales and top quality declined during this time period because they will slashed the workforce which usually resulted in lower quality bicycles. It was not really until 81 that Harley became self-employed again. Harley-Davidson witnessed a revolution in the 1970's with the birthday of the Cruiser. This was a fresh bike using a sporty front side that led Harley to win the AMA Grand National Championship in dirt observe racing. Two other models were made that ten years in an attempt to get a sportier presence. (Harley-Davidson, 2012)

Harley-Davidson symbolizes an American culture. Harley offers extremely dedicated customers and maintains this kind of loyalty in the neighborhood through incidents, clubs, and a art gallery. In fact , Harley-Davidson brand and logo products accounted for $40 million in the company's income in 2010. A large number of riders actually show their particular love from the company which has a logo skin image. (Harley-Davidson, 2012) In the 1980's, half of it is consumers were under the associated with 35. Today, the typical age features risen to practically 47. Harley-Davidson motorcycles happen to be associated with several subcultures which includes motorcycle golf clubs and stop motorcycles gangs. To further riders' commitment to Harley-Davidson Harley davidson Owners Group (H. O. G) was formed for motorbike owners to show their passion and take great pride in for owning this great piece of machinery. The group at the moment has more than one million associates and has gone international, with the first established European They would. O. G. Rally taking place in 1991. (Harley-Davidson, 2012)

Harley-Davidson continues to be an innovator in the motorcycle industry, however market share has declined to 50% pertaining to heavyweight motor bikes. They have seen increasing competition from Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha, and other Japanese companies. One of the biggest problems Harley-Davidson is facing is the the aging process baby-boom technology, the technology with the the majority of commitment to Harley-Davidson. This phenomena features caused Harley-Davidson to seek opportunities in foreign & emerging markets in Asia and Europe. (Melief, Budgaard, & Hathaway, 2006). In one this kind of quest for a new consumer base,...

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