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 Online Exam Essay

Features of the Custom-made Online Evaluation System in PHP and MySQL developed for a Ocean going Academy: 2. Software Developed in PHP/MySQL.

* Works on Apache webserver.

* The Online examination is multi-platform compatible. It will eventually work on any kind of computer and operating system containing Apache, PHP and MySQL installed 2. Can be bespoke to include images, graphics and flash (swf) files inside the questions in the Online exam. * Query Paper consists of Random Number of Questions. * Proper Weightage to Various Issues.

* Questions asked and answers presented stored in the database * Different Types of Mcq can be asked. * Answers processed and marks honored Instantly.

2. View Results immediately upon Submission.

2. Generation of General Draw Lists Overview (Total markings Obtained) along with Detailed (Topic Wise markings Obtained) * Individual Solution Sheets Era.

* The computerized examination system provides a facility to incorporate students details, View College student List along with Edit college student details. 2. Password based access (Authentication Via Classes, password is stored being a MD5 hash in the database) for Individual Answer Sheet, General Mark Lists and Tendencies Graphs. 2. Trends Chart showing the number of students which have passed individual subjects. * Trends Chart showing the number of students which have passed subject wise of each and every subject. 2. Trends Chart showing the number of students which have passed subject wise in each subject matter at the midterm as well as last exams. 5. The Exam Application is well suited to conduct competitive exams like recruitment examinations and Common Extrance Assessments (CET). * Can Be Customised for any Educational Institution or perhaps Training Senior high depending on the requirement -- The above information are of your Online Exam System designed for a leading Maritime School located in Goa, India.

What Features Ought to be Included in On the net Examination Program With the progress the Internet technology, online exam has become a lot more poular mainly because it helps persons save much energy and time. Since an efficient and effective method of teaching and learning, on the web examination may prevent from cheating and be sure the justness of the examination results. A great examination program should be developed based on the needs of the real examination. Here are some features an assessment system ought to provide:

Examination Instructions

The examination guidance will show the basis contents in the examination the other that should be taken notice of. Usually the subsequent elements just like total inquiries, full rating, passing price, passing score, time limit, etc . are contained in the instructions web page.

Accessibility of Examination Content

Preset accounts and passwords may be set to shield the contents. And individuals can sign-up themselves on the net. Only authorized users usually takes the analysis contents. What's more, domain hosting limitations could be set. Even if the participants have downloaded the flash evaluation, it can not be played.

Valid Time of Examination Content

The participants may log in the examination program with their accounts and passwords to access the relevant page to complete the testing in the valid time. The examination will be unavailable if the valid period expires.

Time Limit from the Examination

Members may sign in the system for taking the assessment after the start time. If the testing time is used up, the examination results will probably be submitted simply by participants. Set up examination is not completely finished at that time, it will be posted to the reporting system as well. The start as well as end period will be recorded precisely in seconds.

Time Prompt for the Examination

Time reminder can tell the participants simply how much time remaining during their examination. When it comes to the conclusion of the assessment, some adjust audio will certainly remind you of submiting your assessment paper.


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