Physics 102 Atoms to Galaxies

 Physics 102 Atoms to Galaxies Essay

Physics 102

Atoms to Galaxies

(Lecture Sec. five / Research laboratory Sec. 6)

Spring 2011


Dr . Shang-Fen Ren

Moulton Hall 312 C

(309) 438-5246

Email: [email protected] com


9: 35 am – 10: 50 pm, Tues and Thursday night

Class Website:

Textbook Companion Internet site:

Hands on Activities: Wide open labs, Moulton 202 & 204 (tentative schedule) Monday


Tuesday - Fri: 10: 00 am to 4: 00 pm

Workplace Hours:

twelve: 50am -11: 50am, several: 15-4: 12-15 pm, Wednesday and Thurs

Moulton 312 C

Schedule and appointment or drop by at other times

Required Materials:


The Savoir, An Integrated Approach,

6th Copy by Adam Trefil and Robert M. Hazen,

published by Ruben Wiley & Sons, Incorporation, 2010, 2007 (or additional similar Edition). You can buy the textbook in bookstores upon campus or perhaps online. You may also choose the WileyPLUS option that will be discussed in class.

Lab Manual: Hands on Activity manual 3 years ago by The author Ansher

(You can buy the manual inside the bookstores in campus)


A signed up TurningPoint remote response mat (clicker) is necessary. It must be authorized on your iCampus site at

https:/www/ (Remember to put in a new battery if you use your clicker from last semester). The clicker to be used in class for practice concerns.

Calculator: A scientific calculator is required to get class and homework, and so forth Mallard Training (We will use Mallard to get homework):

Internet site:

The login identity is the ULID

Your initial Mallard password is your UID

(Please keep in mind your password after you change it out, because I will not be able to help you to recover that if you forget).


The purpose of this course is to provide an powerful science education to students who are certainly not intended to turn into scientists yet who need knowledge of science to work well since citizens within a world that is certainly increasingly centered by science and technology. You do not have to be aware of how to play music well to love music. Similarly, you don't have to be a man of science and know how to work out all the scientific problems in detail to appreciate sciences. The goal of this course is always to provide the students an opportunity to learned about and enjoy major discoveries in savoir and to develop the ability to place important open public issues including energy and environment, and medical advancement, in a medical context. All of us will help college students to develop a habit of learning research through studying, thinking, self-study, and group discussions. We will help learners to understand the scientific procedure and to understand many great ideas in today's science and technology. We will emphasize the learning process but not the accumulation of facts and memorization of equations. For these purposes, we will actively involve learners in class room activities, and mathematics is retained to a minimum.

Structure: The structure of this study course is designed to provide students with an active learning experience that includes the following:

Classroom Lectures: We all will fulfill in the classroom two times every week. In these class moments, we will introduce significant science concepts and search terms covered in each chapter. The classes will be basic we can spend a lot of your time for discussion posts. The students will be organized in to groups each with 3-6 students. The student-groups is going to discuss course materials in class and may become asked to exercise problems ahead of the class. The scholars are also urged to present their own studies and understandings in class as a person or in a group for extra credit rating. This peer-instruction approach of actively regarding students in classroom learning and sales pitches can make the course supplies fun and more accessible to students.

Attendance: Presence in class lectures and participation in discussions are required in this course but they can also be forgiven as the next: if a college student cannot or does not...

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